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Gamma Technologies Acquires Power Design Technologies, Extends Leadership of Full Vehicle System-level Simulations for Electrified Mobility Applications

Gamma Technologies (GT), a global leader and innovator in multi-physics system simulation software, announced today that it has acquired Power Design Technologies SAS (PDT) of Toulouse, France, pioneers in engineering software for power electronics and makers of PowerForge an innovative SaaS offering for power converter design. PowerForge complements and extends GT’s product and technology portfolio and facilitates the industry transition towards an electrified future.

As the world races towards net-zero emissions, high-efficiency electric power conversion is becoming increasingly important. The trend calls for cutting-edge power electronics designs based on the latest semiconductor materials and topologies. This creates a significant challenge, since the traditional approaches to power converter design cannot keep up with the pace of innovation, the growing complexity and exponential growth in the number of design solutions.

PowerForge offers a unique platform for efficient power converter design early in the product development cycle across numerous industries, including aerospace, automotive and power generation. Featuring a built-in database of semiconductor devices, a fast solver and a multi-parameter benchmarking utility, PowerForge empowers engineers with the ability to predictively select and compare various power converter topologies, material technologies (e.g. SiC, GaN) and modulation strategies, to deliver the optimum solution in terms of power loss, electrical waveforms, size, weight and cost.

With PowerForge, GT-SUITE ‘s capabilities now span the predictive simulation of battery, motors and power electronics within its unified multi-physics and multi-scale environment.

“We continue to invest and expand GT-SUITE to meet the emerging needs of a rapidly transforming industry that has set aggressive goals towards a more sustainable future,” said Dimple Shah, CEO of Gamma Technologies. “The talented PDT team has built a visionary product that, together with GT-SUITE, offers state of the art technologies to address the critical systems of electrified mobility applications. On behalf of the GT user community, we welcome PDT to join us in our exciting journey ahead.”

“PowerForge offers customers fast and accurate power converter benchmarking that is easy-to-use and is already well respected within the power electronics community,” remarked Nicolas Videau, CEO of PDT. “We are thrilled to join and co-innovate with the GT team to deliver differentiated and impactful technologies for the ever-growing field of power electronics.”

About Gamma Technologies
GT develops and licenses GT-SUITE, a leading multi-physics CAE simulation software. GT-SUITE includes a complete library of physics-based modeling templates covering fluid flow, thermal systems, mechanics, electrics, magnetics, chemistry and controls. It supports the entire development cycle from concept to validation. GT-SUITE applications include a wide variety of engineering systems such as conventional and hybrid vehicles, powertrains, engines, motors, compressors, catalysts, acoustics, cooling, thermal management, HVAC, hydraulics, lubrication, multi-body mechanics and much more.

GT also develops AutoLion, the leading lithium-ion battery simulation software used by battery suppliers and OEMs for both 1D and 3D battery analysis and design. It is a predictive, physics-based simulation tool that models battery electrochemical processes. The integration of AutoLion and PowerForge into GT-SUITE further enhances this leading platform for full xEV analysis.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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