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Hitachi Astemo Americas And Light Collaborate On Development Of ADAS Technology

Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc., and Light, a leading provider of depth
perception for vehicles, have begun “proof of concept” development of a
forward-facing perception system for use with advanced driver assistance

The two companies will begin to field test the new multi-view, camera-based
sensing technology later this month. Light’s ClarityT systems have better
range, detail and accuracy at distance than existing sensor solutions and
integrate seamlessly into Hitachi Astemo’s advanced vehicle assistance
systems (ADAS) to work directly with other ADAS and ECU (engine control
unit) applications.

“We’re always excited to work on innovative solutions to improve vehicle
safety,” said John Nunneley, senior vice president, Design Engineering,
Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc.  “Building upon our decades of experience and
together with Light, we are looking to create the next generation of leading
ADAS and autonomous driving solutions.”

Clarity is an industry-first multi-view perception platform using cameras
and designed to see any 3D structures in the road from 10 centimeters to
1,000 meters away – three times the range and 20x the detail of the
best-in-class LiDAR.

Clarity outperforms existing sensing solutions by seamlessly combining
visual information from cameras with measured depth so that longer distances
and greater detail can be measured rather than only inferred by machine
learning. Benefits include safer automatic emergency braking, evasive
steering control for a wider variety of objects, adaptive suspension
adjustment for road hazards such as potholes, and smoother adaptive
cruise-control and lane-keeping systems.

“Light’s Clarity platform enables machines to see better than humans,” said
Dave Grannan, Light’s co-founder and CEO. “It sees farther, and with greater
detail, than other solutions available on the market. Aligning on this
project with Hitachi Astemo, a company that is constantly seeking to improve
and advance their technology, is an outstanding opportunity to prove the
capabilities of the range and detail of the Clarity platform.”

About Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc.
Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. manufactures and markets engine management,
electric powertrain, integrated vehicle control for major automotive
manufacturers worldwide, adhering to ISO/TS:16949:2009 industry standards.
For more information, please visit

About Light
Light is pioneering real-time 3D perception to redefine how vehicles see the
world. By combining the company’s breakthroughs in computational imaging
with multi-camera calibration, Light’s technology provides accurate depth at
both near and far distances in real-time. See more at

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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