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YCOM’s electric race scooter completes official testing

YCOM, the Italian advanced technology firm, has completed the first official delivery and testing of its high-performance S1-X eSkootr for the eSkootr Championship™ (eSC) – a new racing series that highlights e-mobility and frontier innovation. Supplied to all eSC competitors, the S1-X Skootr is YCOM’s first full-electric vehicle and can reach speeds of up to 100km/h.

With extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing technology for motorsport – including Formula 1 and FIA World Endurance Championship winners – as well as experience in the launch of multiple new race series, YCOM was well-positioned to develop, build and supply eSkootrs to the eSC. YCOM’s agile approach enabled it to accelerate the S1-X’s development, taking the initial prototype to a production-ready design within less than four months. Not only that, but YCOM has now delivered 10 race-ready eSkootrs, just five months after the partnership began.

Now, following YCOM’s rigorous twenty-day testing program, the capability of the S1-X has successfully demonstrated, surprising riders with both its power and agility.  Analysis of telemetry has highlighted the reliability of the Skootr, with no major hardware or software issues found over the course of testing. The Skootr Control Unit (SCU), developed in-house, has been further refined for two-wheel-drive including five motor maps for both front and rear.

In a collective test with 16 different riders, the S1-X was initially limited to 40 per cent power, rising up to 70 per cent by the end of testing. Even at this output, many riders were fatigued by the physical demands of such speeds and lean angles of up to 55 degrees. With improved physical conditioning and additional practice in October testing, it is hoped that the riders will be able to use 100 per cent power as well as the additional 20 per cent temporary boost function in the first race.

Formed in 2020, the eSC is the world’s first micromobility racing series. Following exhibition events in 2021, its opening season in 2022 will see fierce racing between 30 competitors on specially designed circuits from 400- to 800-metres long. Intended to raise awareness of e-mobility and promote the rapid advancement of sustainable transportation solutions, the eSC marks a new chapter in motorsport history.

The S1-X Skootr will be standardized across all competitors in the eSC’s opening seasons to minimize entry costs and make the sport more accessible. As the series matures, competitors will have greater design freedom to modify and develop their own eSkootrs, with more open regulations to be introduced in 2023.

Hrag Sarkissian, eSkootr Championship™ co-founder and CEO, said:

“It has been fantastic to see the progress that YCOM has made since our partnership began. Their fast and flexible approach to engineering, development, prototyping and production has meant that we now have 10 S1-X Skootrs ready to race and have completed an extensive testing program. 20 more scooters will be ready in the few next months. I don’t think this would have been possible without YCOM.

“The YCOM team’s ability to translate their knowledge, expertise and experience from other fast-paced motorsport development projects to a completely novel electric micromobility race vehicle highlights just how quickly they can adapt while maintaining an exceptional standard of engineering and production.

“Our ambition is for eSC to push the e-mobility envelope and champion sustainable solutions, YCOM aligns perfectly with these aims and this long-term partnership is already proving invaluable.”

Nicola Scimeca, YCOM Founder and CBDO, said:

“The e-mobility revolution is here. We are thrilled to be involved in eSC and producing the S1-X for all competitors in the opening seasons. While they may appear vastly different on the surface, we applied what we had learned from our other high-performance electric vehicle programs, including Volkswagen’s incredible I.D. R Pike’s Peak car. Working alongside the eSC team to refine the design and match performance expectations within a limited timeframe has been challenging but well within our capabilities.

“While it is rare that we can publicly discuss the exciting projects that we are involved in, I am delighted that the S1-X can now be launched as our first official product. Developing innovative e-mobility solutions and promoting their adoption are two of the key drivers behind the eSC and we, as a company, have a strong focus on sustainability and forward-thinking projects. I am proud of our team and look forward to our ongoing and exciting technical partnership with the eSC.”

About the eSkootr Championship (eSC)

Formed in 2020, the Electric Scooter Championship is the world’s first micromobility motorsport series.

Using high-performance race eScooters, eSC has been designed to champion progressive micromobility policies and as an advocacy platform promoting smarter, cleaner and safer mobility in our cities.

The series is developing an international sporting calendar and infrastructure that will encourage diversity and inclusivity from a new generation of motorsport competitors worldwide.

Formula E champion Lucas Di Grassi and ex-Formula 1 driver Alex Wurz are founding stakeholders in the organisation.

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About YCOM

YCOM is a leading advanced technology company to engineer a fast-changing future.

From the original idea to the final product, YCOM covers any aspect of development, including design, manufacturing, and testing, for mobility applications.

Born in 2008 to develop motorsport projects, YCOM today applies its motorsport approach to new frontiers, from the automotive industry, through marine, and aerospace. YCOM is a worldwide recognized expert in lightweight composite structures design and manufacturing. From carbon fiber to natural fiber, YCOM is leading the path towards a more sustainable future.

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