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What Everyone Ought to Know About Fleet Management With Otonomo’s Tailored Fleet Solutions

Vehicle data is transforming enterprise fleet management with access to real-time and historical data that can increase fleet utilization and efficiency. Data from connected vehicles is already improving many aspects of fleet management through asset tracking, route optimization, preventive maintenance, fleet safety programs and many more.

Embedded vehicle data is a forward-thinking approach that quickly delivers business value with an endless array of initiatives ranging from safety, productivity, fuel consumption, scheduling, uptime, maintenance costs, depreciation, operating expenses, Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR), automated parking payments, compliance, and more.

Otonomo fleet-tailored solutions facilitate fleet management with straightforward access to rich and harmonized datasets from multiple vehicle brands, bespoke fleet features, and an ecosystem of integrated, value-added services that produce productivity gains throughout the fleet. Unlike aftermarket devices, our on-demand data means that fleets pay only for data they actually consume.

Hassle-free integration and API

Otonomo Vehicle Data Platform connects fleets with multi-OEM brands through one streamlined contract and a centralized point of business that eliminates time consuming legal negotiations with many vehicle manufacturers.

The Otonomo Vehicle Data Platform expedites fleet connectivity with a straightforward integration and a small set of optimized API calls for consuming hundreds of normalized attributes across multiple OEM brands. The SaaS solution is designed for easy integration with any Fleet Management System or Fleet Management Company, to alleviate fleet connectivity, logistics and expenses. Otonomo’s facilitates and shortens integration and access through:

  • Normalized attributes names, formats, and units across models and brands
  • Single consent management interface that streamlines multi-OEM consent flows
  • Single API call for multiple vehicle attributes
  • Vehicle model exploration for quick verification of vehicle’s data availability
  • Simulated vehicle testing to verify integration prior to connecting fleet vehicles

Seamless vehicle management and compliance

Running a compliant business is essential for any fleet operation. Compliance laws aim to ensure that vehicles are safe and roadworthy, so they can carry out their tasks. Privacy regulations require transparency and accountability, requiring that a company shows consent from individuals for gathering, using, and holding their data.  This implies that all driving during work information that fleets hold about their employees must be compliant.

Otonomo’s instant consent and revoke management for multiple fleet vehicles across multiple OEMs as well as ownership verification, ease regulatory compliance across geographies and expedite onboarding, de-fleeting. A single interaction is all you need to manage compliance for thousands of fleet vehicles.

Agile access and consumption that cater to unlimited use case needs

Otonomo fleet solutions employ flexible data consumption options to support a wide variety of fleet requirements and use cases.

  • Real-time data streaming directly to enterprise fleet management systems, while applying multiple filtering options to get only the data they need
  • Vehicle status API to query a single vehicle and multiple vehicle attributes
  • Multiple vehicles’ statuses are available through an aggregated report
  • Geofencing reports and queries for specific geolocations are defined using a polygon perimeter and available through a dashboard or an API call.
  • Historical and near real-time aggregate reports leverage various filtering options to gather only the required data
  • Trip aggregation calculates vehicle trips to simplify processing and cut costs. Vehicle trips include minimal and maximal speed, start and end time, start and end location as well as trip duration and distance.
  • Detailed usage report includes monthly consented vehicles, active vehicles, and the volume of consumed data

Speedy access to an ecosystem of value-added services

By integrating with Otonomo vehicle data platform, fleets gain easy access to an ecosystem of integrated, value-added services that employ embedded vehicle data to offer diverse fleet-tailored solutions, from route optimization, on-demand fueling, and drivers’ safety to EV services, enterprise fleet management and more.

Start reaping the benefits of Otonomo fleet solutions

Browse the One-Stop Shop for Connected Fleet Data brochure to explore typical fleet use cases powered by fleet data or read SWAT Mobility case study to understand how vehicle data can help transform journeys and optimize movement.

Download the 5 Reasons Why & How to Future-Proof Fleet Data e-book to learn more about optimizing fleet operations with embedded fleet data.

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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