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Kempower Launches Partnership With Gilbarco Veeder-Root to Offer EV Charging Solutions

Kempower, a leading e-mobility charging technology provider, has announced a
partnership with Gilbarco Veeder-Root (GVR), the global leader in technology
solutions for the retail fueling and convenience market. GVR will offer
Kempower’s EV chargers as part of its EVerse offering, which also includes
network management software, installation and maintenance services.

Kempower’s DC fast charging solutions are built to scale as the number of
EVs on the road continues to rise. The company’s high-quality charging
solutions are suitable for all types of EVs, including passenger cars,
buses, off-highway vehicles, commercial service fleets and marine vessels.

“We are extremely happy to launch this cooperation with GVR. Our modular
approach means that standardized building blocks can be used across our
entire product range, enabling the creation of various types of EV chargers
and charging systems. Additionally, our technology is scalable, so our
customers can make smaller initial investments and add additional power
modules later as their business grows,” commented Kempower’s CEO Tomi

With a strong heritage of providing industry-leading integrated software,
hardware and services for the retail fueling and convenience market, GVR
offers broad market reach, proven reliability and expert industry insights
on how customers are evolving their workflows to address the growing
complexity shaping the e-mobility infrastructure landscape. The company
specializes in creating end-to-end EV charging infrastructure solutions to
improve the consumer experience and increase productivity for operators.

“Our native IoT chargers can be updated remotely and in real-time,
reassuring our customers that their chosen solutions are future-proof and
cloud-connected at all times. The modularity of the products also ensures
that they have a small footprint, allowing GVR’s customers to make use of
limited space in densely populated areas,” Ristimäki added.

About Kempower

Kempower designs and manufactures DC fast charging solutions for electric
vehicles and machines. We’re a team of electric vehicle enthusiasts with a
deep understanding of the charging market and a hands-on mentality. Our
product development and production are rooted in Finland, with over 90% of
our materials and components sourced locally. We focus on all areas of
transportation, from personal cars and commercial vehicles to mining
equipment, boats and motorsports. With 70 years of experience in perfecting
power sources, we set the bar in engineering and user-experience design.

About Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Gilbarco Veeder-Root (GVR) is the global leader for technology solutions for
retail fueling and convenience market. For over 150 years, GVR has been
keeping the world moving, earning the trust of its customers by providing
long-term partnership, uncompromising support, and proven reliability. Major
product lines include point-of-sale software, payment systems, EV charging
solutions, fuel dispensers and tank gauges and fleet management solutions.

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Sun. February 25th, 2024

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