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Automotive Dealers Can Get 35% More Leads with Affinitiv’s New Solution

Affinitiv, the leading provider of data-driven marketing and software
solutions to the automotive market, announces its new solution, Anonymous
Shopper, helps automotive dealers convert website traffic leads by +35%.
Anonymous Shopper is a shopper identification product that uses both digital
and traditional marketing to not only grow revenue for the dealers’ product
or service but to also identify these shoppers to serve retargeted ads for a
future sale. This has helped dealers see an 8x return on their advertising

Affinitiv’s Anonymous Shopper solution uses federally compliant technology,
adhering to data usage mandates, to identify website visitors from behaviors
and webpage views to buying intent. This unique technology helps dealers
understand their website visitors and how and where to place the
advertisement that is relevant to these online shoppers.

Without this tool, dealers are losing out on additional marketing dollars
every day as approximately 98% of website visitors will leave their sites
without providing contact information. Affinitiv identifies these site
visitors through Anonymous Shopper to then retarget them with personalized
ads of the specific vehicle or service the consumer showed interest in. The
unique and customizable product will deliver personalized advertising
through multiple channels, including direct mail, email, social media, or
display ads.

Affinitiv’s Anonymous Shopper operates on an independent dashboard in an
automated format that is outside of the dealers’ CRM tool. The dashboard
ensures accuracy for already verified individuals who have shown interest in
purchasing the product or service and have opted-in for more details. This
is a crucial part of the product because consumers will not be contacted if
they do not provide their information. Because Anonymous Shopper targets
customers who have already opted-in, this helps nurture the buyer into a
hard lead for the dealer.

“This is a really unique product to the automotive industry since it’s still
relatively new and no other marketing service company provides this type of
product outside of the dealers’ CRM,” said Tom Kerr, President of Affinitiv
Advertising. “Because Apple and Google are eliminating advertising cookies,
our Anonymous Shopper solution gets ahead of the cookieless world by
identifying the user without targeting them. We are excited to be able to
provide this type of service to our clients in order for them to sell more
and see a greater return on their advertising investment.”

About Affinitiv

Affinitiv is a leading provider of data-driven marketing and software
solutions serving automotive manufacturers (OEMs), dealer groups, and
individual dealerships. Backed by more than 20 years of automotive and
marketing expertise, Affinitiv supports over 5,000 dealerships and every
major OEM in the country. Affinitiv is fueled by the Atlas Digital
Experience Platform, using unprecedented intelligence to enrich the customer
experience across the automotive lifecycle. With a technology-driven,
consultative approach, Affinitiv drives the next generation customer
experience while creating customers for life. For more information, visit

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Wed. June 19th, 2024

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