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Partnerships and launch of new services to accelerate development of connected car technologies

Connected car technologies are undoubtedly one of the most innovative and valuable technologies in the automotive sector. The innumerable benefits in terms of driver and vehicle safety can be availed through proper implementation of these technologies. Manufacturers in the automotive sector have been partnering with tech giants to avail their technical expertise and explore the capabilities of connected car technologies. Tech giants such as Microsoft and IBM have been offering their technical expertise to leading automakers to launch innovative services that can ensure safety of drivers as well as vehicles. Information regarding high-risk roads and areas can be provided and drivers can choose the routes accordingly. Stolen vehicles can be recovered by sharing the location information of the vehicle with owners and the law enforcement authorities.

The utilization of advanced technologies for connected cars is not restricted toward addressing safety issues only. The potential of the connected vehicles in a fleet can be explored for making the processes streamlined and offering enhanced customer experience. One of the rental car providers has been trying to connect all the vehicles in its fleet, and gain insights to improve operational efficiency. The demand for connected cars will increase considerably in the next few years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global connected car market is expected to generate $225.16 billion by 2027. Following are some of the activities taking place across the world.

Safety is one of the most important factors when it comes to driving any vehicle. Addressing the safety related issues through connected car technology is what market players have been tapping on to.

Ford, one of the leading market players in the automotive industry, brought a concept of “RoadSafe” to help drivers gain insights about high risk locations and ensure their safety. In this concept, a smart algorithm has been used by analyzing the data collected from roadside sensors, accident reports, and connected vehicles. Through the analysis, the insights about accident-prone areas and high risk zones will be offered to drivers.

Jon Scott, the Project Lead for City Insights at Ford Mobility, Europe, highlighted that the company can pinpoint the areas that are at high risk, so drivers can be aware and authorities can take necessary steps to lower the risks. The RoadSafe dashboard offers different types of data such as historic accident data, “Road Segment Risk Prediction” rating, and others. For outlining the rating about risk prediction, a color coding system is used. Red color shows the highest risk-prone area and yellow shows the lowest risk. Moreover, connected vehicle events such as accelerating, breaking, and steering have been recorded to gather data points and roadside sensor data is utilized to prepare a database, which, then analyzed for offering valuable insights about the safety of roads.

Partnership is another trend through which market players have been combining expertise of each other and utilizing connected car technology for their benefits. Enterprise Holdings, one of the car rental giants, partnered with a tech giant Microsoft for bringing connected car technology to its rental vehicles and commercial trucks in the U.S. Enterprise aims to connect all the vehicles in its fleet over the next five years. This partnership marks an important step toward achieving the target. The company aims to connect nearly 3500,000 vehicles by the end of 2021. Moreover, it will expand its partnership with Microsoft in Canada and the U.K. in coming years. The analytics technologies of the tech giant will be utilized to avail essential insights.

Shane Behl, the Vice President at Enterprise Holdings, highlighted that customer have been looking for a streamlined experience and gaining information about the vehicles will help the company in offering such experience. The company has been exploring various capabilities a connected fleet can provide, enhancing operational efficiency, and providing a better experience. The on-board sensors will provide information such as odometer readings, fuel levels, and check-in and checkout timings. Once this information is shared with the systems of Enterprise, the analytics capabilities of Microsoft will come into picture to offer essential insights. This model shows how the connected car technologies will be utilized for providing better customer experience than before.

The trend of partnerships continues as market players have been joining forces to address various issues through connected car technologies. One of the leading issues that can be addressed through the technology is stolen cars. Mercedes and IBM joined hands to develop “Urban Guard – Stolen Vehicle Help,” for finding and recovering stolen vehicles. This service will be launched in the Mercedes Me app. This service enables owners to find the location of their stolen cars and share the report with police. The data related to the location of the vehicle is shared with law enforcement authorities through an authorized service partner. This partner can communicate with police stations across the world.

IBM Global Business Services developed the back-end technologies and algorithms. The tech giant would ensure a proper communication between concerned authorities and existing systems. Such services would be beneficial for owners of Mercedes cars in recovering their vehicles. This, in turn, helps the car manufacturing giant in ensuring safety of their vehicles and providing a better customer experience even after sale of the vehicle.

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