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Jaguar Land Rover Taps E2open to Strengthen Collaborative Supply Chain

E2open Parent Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ETWO), a leading network-based provider of a cloud-based, mission-critical, end-to-end supply chain management platform, and Jaguar Land Rover, UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, have expanded their relationship to strengthen the company’s shift to a collaborative digital supply chain model. Central to Jaguar Land Rover’s vision is E2open‘s orchestration platform that acts as a backbone connecting planning, operations and all partners to efficiently and sustainably delight customers.

The companies first engaged four years ago as Jaguar Land Rover sought a platform for a more connected supply chain that could add value to Jaguar Land Rover. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, E2open helped Jaguar Land Rover implement a multi-enterprise inventory optimization (MEIO) strategy using E2open’s business planning and supply chain management solutions. MEIO was leveraged across Jaguar Land Rover’s key three manufacturing sites and broader supply network resulting in optimized inbound inventory strategies allowing the ecosystem to respond as a cohesive supply chain network versus a standalone automotive manufacturer. After 12 months, Jaguar Land Rover’s original value expectations were doubled.

Earlier this year, Jaguar Land Rover announced a new global strategy – Reimagine – which focuses on, among other things, the sustainability and electrification of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. Core to the Reimagine strategy is a strong, agile, digital, and efficient supply chain. E2open was selected for its proven pedigree and end-to-end platform vision aligned to Jaguar Land Rover’s vision of end-to-end orchestration. E2open’s platform provides the foundation to build a more connected supply chain to help Jaguar Land Rover realize its long-term goals.

“We are proud to expand our partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and support their growth and sustainability ambitions,” said Michael Farlekas, chief executive officer of E2open. “The automotive industry has been significantly impacted by the ongoing semiconductor supply shortage and other factors and I commend Jaguar Land Rover for putting the right strategy, team, and technology in place to smartly navigate through this environment and beyond. E2open has been working with high-tech providers for over 20 years to manage through inventory-constrained environments, and we plan to leverage our experience to Jaguar Land Rover to further strengthen and fortify their supply chain.”

With E2open’s unified platform, Jaguar Land Rover has optimized safety stocks and will deliver a step change in collaboration, supply chain performance and stability for suppliers and the company in the next phase of its journey.

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Fri. March 1st, 2024

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