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Sigmetrix to Sponsor the 37th International CAE Conference and Exhibition

Sigmetrix, global experts in enabling better products through mechanical variation management, announced they will again be a Sponsor of the International CAE Conference. The 2021 edition will be a hybrid event, that will involve all attendees: those physically present in conference rooms or exhibition spaces, and those connected remotely. Visitors to the show are invited to experience how Sigmetrix’ offerings complement and enhance simulation-based engineering.

The theme for this year’s edition is “Orchestrating Digital Transformation Through Simulation” and will focus on the trends, technologies, issues and how-to’s of sustainable and successful digital transformation and the key role that engineering simulation has to play in achieving the desired outcome.

Sigmetrix’s solutions have been helping companies deliver better products through mechanical variation management for over 25 years. Mechanical variation is a reality of manufacturing and assembly processes. Companies who successfully manage this variation reap many competitive benefits. Sigmetrix can help:

* Maximize the return on your MBD/MBE investment
* Improve profitability by balancing product quality with manufacturing cost
* Achieve faster time to market by reducing design and prototype cycles
* Deliver more innovative products through better understanding of mechanical variation
* Capture, transfer, and retain critical product and process knowledge

“Delivering more innovative products through better understanding of mechanical variation is one of our core business values that we will be highlighting during the conference,” said Ed Walsh, VP of Global Sales at Sigmetrix. “Attendees will be able to learn how our partnership with EnginSoft can enable their product development teams to analyze concepts that had been considered too difficult to model, and can provide insights that allow exploration of breakthrough change.”

Traditional views on the management and understanding of mechanical variation have stifled innovation in some companies and limited them to only developing derivative products. The best-performing companies see how a consistent understanding of mechanical variation throughout an organization and the ability to quickly simulate sensitivity to variation in concepts leads to more innovative, breakthrough products. This is from several factors, including being able to:

* Check product/process feasibility before costly investment
* Compare multiple product/process concepts early in the process
* Remove barriers to innovation imposed by dependence on legacy tools/processes
* Provide insights that allow exploration of breakthrough change
* Analyze product concepts that had been considered too difficult to model

Sigmetrix is dedicated to helping their customers design better products through mechanical variation management. They are global leaders in tolerance analysis and GD&T authoring software, as well as training and consulting on topics of mechanical variation, GD&T, and dimensional management. Their products include:

* CETOL 6σ, a 3D tolerance analysis solution that works with designs from PTC Creo, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA V5-6, and NX CAD systems
* GD&T Advisor, an interactive tool that provides expert guidance on the correct application of GD&T / GPS consistent with either the ASME or ISO standards
* EZtol, a standalone 1-D tolerance stackup analysis tool that works with CATIA, NX, and SOLIDWORKS. EZtol has also been adopted as the embedded 1-D tolerance stackup tool by PTC for inclusion in PTC® Creo® and by Autodesk for inclusion in Autodesk® Inventor®.
* Training provided through more than a dozen instructor-led and computer-based courses covering basic to advanced GD&T/GPS, MBE, and MBD

If attending you will want to attend the “Using CETOL to Innovate and Make Decisions Early in the Development Process ” on November 19 from 10:30 – 10:50 as Ed Walsh, VP Global Sales at Sigmetrix shows examples of using CETOL early in the development process and how animations and sensitivity results can help make decisions about the design, including information about the challenges and the choices made.

For more information on the International CAE Conference 2021 visit:

About Sigmetrix
Sigmetrix has been helping companies produce better products for over 20 years through a combination of software solutions, training, and consulting services that focus on managing the impact of mechanical variation. For more information, visit their website at

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