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Beyond Protocol – The two major trends of today – electric vehicles and cashless wallets – come together with Beyond Protocol’s latest technology offering – the $BPEV

The two major trends of today – electric vehicles and cashless wallets – come together with Beyond Protocol’s latest technology offering – the $BPEV. In partnership with Stripe, $BPEV is being touted as the world’s first blockchain-powered EV charging infrastructure. Built on top the Beyond Protocol blockchain, $BPEV is a token which distributes profit share for the deployment of Beyond Protocol(BP)-powered charging infrastructure. “The BPEV token will be used on top of the BP network to facilitate the back-end transactions between networks of charging stations. The BP token itself will be used for the communication and payment between each vehicle and charging station,” says Jonathan Manzi, CEO, Beyond Protocol.


In partnership with Stripe, Beyond Protocol says that there will be no need to download multiple apps and fumble around while trying to configure them. “No need to fear a bad actor will breach a patchwork system and cause damage. When an electric vehicle pulls up to a Beyond Protocol  charging station, it automatically authenticates, telling the charging station optimal charging settings, and pays in fiat. “The infrastructure of tomorrow requires our most forward-thinking engineering methodologies and design philosophy. Beyond Protocol in partnership with Stripe unveils a bold plan to catalyse the clean energy revolution. Beyond Protocol allows for ownership by the masses. Through the shared fractionalized ownership of a network of charging stations, we can all own rights to the new oil. Beyond Protocol’s technology allows for seamless authentication and payment by vehicle operators and later, autonomous vehicles,” says the company.


The product launch marks the first phase of Beyond Protocol’s product roadmap in mobility, which includes the creation of the BPEV profit-sharing token and deployment of technology powering autonomous vehicles. For those investing in the tokens, the company says it projects a return of 133% annual percentage rate (APR). “BPEV can be viewed initially like a profit sharing token. Holders get the right to profits from EV charging stations, the new gas station. Later, the token can be integrated more deeply into the economic sharing layer, presenting DeFi opportunities around electric energy, the new oil. You can think of BPEV as defi stacked on top of BP, which provides an identity layer (deep technology) for device-to-device communication. Beyond Protocol is making something revolutionary. Real world DeFi which is of actual value (tied to physical assets and unit economics) built on top of a decentralized identity layer for devices, which makes them probabilistically impossible to hack and communicate cross-silo,” explains Manzi.


The San Francisco-headquartered Beyond Protocol, is a distributed ledger technology project that offers a secure and probabilistically un-hackable solution to inter-device/Internet of Things (IoT) communication. With one line of code, Beyond Protocol’s platform enables secure message brokering between devices through the utilization of blockchain technology and unique hardware signatures, and equips devices with a cryptocurrency-based payment gateway for automated, behind-the-scenes transactions.


The company’s mission is to build real, practical solutions for device security and payments within an economy of machines. Which means that anything connected to the internet – wearables to stationary computers, can communicate safely with each other without the risk of the communication being hijacked by bad faith actors. Built on top the Beyond Protocol blockchain, $BPEV is a token which distributes profit share for the deployment of Beyond Protocol-powered charging infrastructure.


“The Biden Administration recently signed into law the infrastructure bill, which calls for the US to deploy 500,000 charging stations by 2030. At this time, the US plans for half of vehicles sold to be electric and California plans a complete phase out of new gas-powered cars by 2035. Charging stations are becoming the new gas station. In August 2021, Beyond Protocol unveiled the world’s most secure blockchain wallet – it’s probabilistically impossible to hack,” says a company statement.


Last October, the company launched its native token, $BP. Retail traders and investors could purchase the $BP token via the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap. “Our token’s release is a milestone for Beyond Protocol,” said Manzi, in an October 2021 press release. “We have built a token specifically for mass adoption, tied to how Beyond Protocol’s core operates with some of the largest institutions in the world.


The $BP token functions within the protocol as a means to compensate validating nodes and incentivize continued investment in the network; these nodes form the backbone of Beyond Protocol and make the service probabilistically impossible to hack. The company said that $BP can be used for value transfer among devices, and for peer-to-peer transactions both on and off-chain. Around 16,000,000 $BP tokens would be released each month, from a total supply of 500,000,000, according to the company. Employees and core team members will have their $BP tokens vested for a 36-month period after the initial release, while angel investors are bound by six months, which commits the company’s team of developers and investors to long-term holding, preventing a sell-off type of scenario, says a company statement.


Retail traders and investors can purchase the $BP token via the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap. “Of all the routes to go through for our token release, Uniswap makes the most sense,” said Manzi in a press release. “They are the first point of entry in DeFi for many cryptocurrency users, and play one of the most significant roles in this emerging ecosystem. As advocates for decentralization, we are proud that our company will offer investors exposure through a decentralized service where users directly hold their digital assets without an intermediary.”


In November 2021, Beyond Protocol’s technology was deployed to power an European Union Commission mobility initiative, allowing e-bikes wirelessly to pass their IDs to charging stations – thanks to Beyond Protocol’s secure ledger technology, the charging stations automatically know exactly how much voltage to provide the bikes, how long to charge to them, and who to bill.


In December, Beyond Protocol entered into a strategic partnership with Huobi, one of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges. Huobi is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in Southeast Asia, a market where the number of traders quadrupled over the past month. The partnership will provide both parties the opportunity to develop AI solutions, while analysing regional and global cryptocurrency trends. “Huobi is one of the most respected exchanges for both institutional and retail investors,” said Manzi in a December 2021 press release. “Their reputation in the blockchain industry is unmatched. We are thrilled for our community and Huobi’s users that this is coming to fruition.”

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