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BOLD Capital Group, LLC Launches Energy Sector with New Partner and Client

BOLD Capital Group, LLC (BOLD), an investment and advisory firm
headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, announced the formation and
launch of its new Energy Sector adding another vertical to its portfolio of
sectors the company invests in and advises on.

The Sector will be led by Arthur “Chip” Bottone who recently joined as a
Partner and will be serving as a Lead Advisor. He brings extensive
experience in various power sources, renewable energy, energy storage,
carbon capture, and hydrogen. Mr. Bottone is a seasoned executive with a
career of more than 30 years focused on the energy and industrial markets
and has vast experience working as a senior executive and as an Advisor for
both public and privately held companies worldwide. He currently advises
several companies that will add to the Sector.

The Energy Sector recently added its first international client and has
begun to help the company commercialize new technologies in vehicle
electrification and energy storage. As an Advisor, BOLD has arranged testing
along with a comprehensive competitive analysis with one of the world’s
leading Universities in battery and power to test the technology, validate
the company’s products, and find optimization and opportunities for its
client. BOLD negotiated and received an equity position in the company as
well as Board representation.

“I am pleased to welcome Chip on board as a Partner in our firm. His
experience as a successful C-suite executive with top companies in power and
energy around the world will be extremely helpful in growing our new
Sector,” stated Denis J. Gallagher, Chairman of BOLD Capital Group. “Our new
client is interested in integrating their technology in vehicle
electrification and energy storage and has developed and established several
products. The uses for this new technology have expanded greatly today and
there are areas where we can share our expertise and extensive business
relationships with vehicle manufacturers that we have worked with
successfully over the years. The momentum building in the power and
alternative energy space, on top of the incentives in the Infrastructure
Bill, which was recently signed into law, certainly shows we are in the
right place with the team to help others.”

According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future, the
vehicle electrification market was valued at $74.25 billion USD in 2020 and
is projected to be at $144.65 billion USD by 2027. The global energy storage
market size in 2019 was $7.09 billion USD and is expected to gain momentum
by reaching $19.74 billion USD by 2027.

BOLD plans to collaborate with a broad range of industrial and commercial
organizations utilizing its technology plus assisting companies with
inevitable mergers and acquisitions expected in the space.

About BOLD Capital Group, LLC:
BOLD Capital Group, LLC (BOLD) is an investment and advisory firm with a
growing investment portfolio in selected companies specializing in
technology, entertainment, real estate, healthcare, and energy. It is
comprised of proven, successful business leaders and executives with
backgrounds in these targeted industries. BOLD helps businesses by providing
capital as well as utilizing relationships that have been developed over the
years in finance, capital markets, legal, management development, corporate
communications, and more. Whether a new business just starting out, or an
experienced firm looking for advice on how best to expand, BOLD provides the
experience, expertise and the team to get things done for the business. For
more information, please visit

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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