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FactoryEye Welcomes Two Exceptional Resources into their Strategic Partner Program Benefitting Mid-Sized Manufacturers

FactoryEye N.A., a division of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd, (NASDAQ and TASE: MGIC) announces that they have recently partnered with two exceptional resources in the manufacturing industry as part of their Strategic Partner Program in North America. Mike Ungar, a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach, and Mike Yost, creator of project IGBYS a mission-driven initiative to put Smart Manufacturing industry experts within reach for every manufacturing business owner and leader. Both companies are partnering with FactoryEye to help mid-size manufacturers make significant productivity gains and improve profits by digitizing operations and delivering real-time intelligence to all levels of the organization.

Terri Ghio, President of FactoryEye North America commented, “The manufacturing sector is booming and mid-sized manufacturers need innovative technologies to increase efficiency and profitability in an increasingly competitive environment. These strategic partnerships will bring valuable Industry 4.0 resources and expert insights to FactoryEye’s customers!”

FocalPoint is a global network of business coaches and trainers that have helped manufacturers and business leaders improve profitability for over 30 years! This has been accomplished through insightful one-on-one coaching in a positive environment that encourages continuous learning with results-driven accountability. FocalPoint coaches support business leaders as they move toward success with behavioral & financial assessments, focused sales teams, optimized productivity solutions, and strong, organized leadership.

With the goal of helping manufacturers, project IGBYS puts “Industrial Guides” within reach of business owners and leaders who may not be able to find or afford these services. These Guides are expert at helping manufacturers justify and implement smart technology solutions to modernize their operations. project IGBYS strongly values putting vital knowledge within the reach of all manufacturers.

Mike Ungar, a FocalPoint Business Coach for Manufacturers, said, “Through this partnership, we can support mid-sized manufacturers to get the most from the technology they deploy and help leaders engage employees through structured coaching and training. Smart solutions like FactoryEye allow manufacturers to capture real-time data that can be effectively used to prevent lost profits from machine failures, quality issues, and other shop floor interruptions.”

The creator of project IGBYS, Mike Yost, added “Many manufacturers are looking for trusted thought leaders who can help them understand how and why to implement tech-based solutions. FactoryEye has the experience, expertise, and willingness to connect with mid-sized manufacturers who need an Industry 4.0 helping hand, which demonstrates the power of community in manufacturing.”

About FactoryEye N.A.

Based in Irvine, California, FactoryEye North America is a division of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: MGIC), a global provider of business integration and decision support solutions. FactoryEye powered by Magic Software’s IoT platform is the solution that medium-size manufacturers turn to on their path to Industry 4.0. FactoryEye’s unique solution is intuitive, designed for rapid implementation that doesn’t require changing existing systems and infrastructure. FactoryEye gives global manufacturers unparalleled visibility into their operations, which enables them to make continuous improvements in the production process. FactoryEye captures production data and transforms it into actionable intelligence, which empowers workers, managers and manufacturing executives to make informed decisions in real time.

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Fri. May 17th, 2024

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