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Korean Automation Specialist, KCC Targets Overseas Market to Take the Leap Into Global Enterprise

KCC Co., Ltd. (CEO: Dukgyu Park), a Korean automation specialist, announced
the commencement of a full-scale overseas market entry this year.

Established in 1992 as a pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder and solenoid valve
maker, KCC has been developing and commercializing pneumatic parts using its
independently developed technological power.

With its technological power developed through aggressive R&D investment
recognized, the company is supplying key products, such as pneumatic
cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, air preparation unit, pneumatic valve, process
valve, shock absorber, and vacuum components, to Korea’s large enterprises.
Recently, KCC is expanding the scope of its business to the secondary
battery market by releasing the B10 Series, a new product suitable for
secondary battery production equipment.

Increasing brand awareness in the global market by participating in at least
five exhibitions and fairs each year, KCC was also listed among “Global
Hidden Champions” selected by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and
Startups in 2020. In addition, it obtained Level A in the Authorized
Economic Operator (AEO) assessment of Korea Customs Service, which is to
assess law compliance and safety management level of trade-related
businesses, such as exporters and importers, transporters, warehousing
service providers, and customs brokers.

“As a result of our continuous effort for aggressive marketing in the
overseas market, our products are being recognized as reasonable, yet
high-performance products in the industries,” said KCC CEO Dukgyu Park.
“Despite the global economic stagnation caused by COVID-19, we achieved the
sales goal of 2021 by 100% and are expanding global market share step by
step.” CEO Park added, “We plan to gradually add on new business items, such
as secondary battery, to the existing business area. We will dedicate
company-wide effort to taking the leap into Korea’s representative company
that leads the global automation market.”

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Fri. May 17th, 2024

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