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NSCore, Inc. Introduces its Automotive Grade-1 Qualified Non-Volatile Memory solution to help address the increasing need for Low Cost Semiconductor Chip

NSCore, a leader in Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology, is announcing the
completion of its Automotive Grade-1 qualification of their NVM IP. The
increase in the electronic components count in automobiles is requiring more
and more NVM IP, for control of systems like anti-lock brakes, infotainment,
and driver assistance. These systems rely on NVM IP to store critical
performance requirements and provide access to software updates when
available and uploaded into the electrical system in the automobile.

This IP is available in a 180-nanometer (nm) mixed signal 1.8V/5V CMOS and a
180nm BCD process. The NSCore NVM IP does not require any additional masks
or process steps. Using this IP will reduce the overall cost to manufacture
chips by up to 30%. Adopting the NSCore NVM IP can also increase the actual
chip output of the foundry. This approach will enable a 30% reduction in the
photo lithography steps required to build each chip using the NSCore IP,
compared to embedded Flash memory solutions. By deploying the NSCore NVM IP,
a foundry has the potential of increasing the total number of wafers
fabricated each day by up to 30%. This will enable to the foundry to
significantly increase its production to address the needs of the
semiconductor market.

The current semiconductor shortage is also one of the major causes of
inflation in the supply chain for several different products, including
automobiles. The 30% chip level savings gained by using the NSCore MTP
solution can also help reduce the overall bill of materials (BOM) cost for
the electronic systems deployed in automobiles. That kind of significant
cost saving is a goal that many chip manufacturers are looking to achieve.
This is exciting news for all the industries currently suffering from the
inflationary pressures of the semiconductor chip shortage.

The NSCore Automotive Grade-1 NVM IP has been fully qualified to support 1K
cycles of endurance. That range can be increased to support 10K cycles of
endurance, based on the specific requirements or needs of the targeted
application. A 32Kbyte silicon proven macro is available to be shipped to
customers with a complete design kit for chip level integration. Different
macros can be made available in a comprehensive range of configurations
supporting both small and large densities applications.

NSCore’s 30+ patents, and its ability to build NVM IP solutions without any
additional layers in a standard digital process, enables it to provide this
unique solution in multiple technology nodes, for low-cost applications.

About NSCore:

Founded in 2004, NSCore is an IP provider specializing in the field of
non-volatile memory technology. NSCore has developed a non-volatile memory
core which can be implemented in standard CMOS platforms with excellent
process portability, high yield, and high reliability. NSCore provides a
complete matrix of macros (bit counts), specific design parameters for each,
foundry proven yield and reliability data, and finally multiple licensing
options to fit the customer’s needs. The result is a non-volatile memory IP
that is ready for integration into the end user’s product. Visit for more information.

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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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