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Hyperion Announces New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research & Development And Manufacturing Center

Hyperion Companies, Inc., a green hydrogen technology company announced
today that the company is moving its headquarters from Southern California
to a 65-acre facility on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. The facility will
also house a research and development center in addition to its
manufacturing operations.

Hyperion will invest more than $297 million in the new facility to
manufacture its next-generation hydrogen fuel cell, which will power its new
line of stationary and mobile energy storage products, including its XP-1
hypercar. The investment will create more than 680 net new, full-time
permanent positions over the next six years, with an annual payroll of up to
$58 million. Founded originally in Columbus in 2011, Hyperion’s return to
the city comes as other hydrogen technology startups and manufacturers have
also recently made Columbus home.

Angelo Kafantaris, CEO of Hyperion, and Ohio native said, “After 10 years of
development, we are thrilled to bring our hydrogen technology back to
Columbus where it all started. Building the XP-1 allowed us to test and
refine our fuel cell technology, allowing us to create the most advanced
green hydrogen fuel cell stack for a number of different applications. With
its ability to store mass quantities of electric energy, hydrogen has
tremendous long-term, zero-emission potential for the energy sector, and
will be one of the most powerful tools in reducing carbon emissions on a
global scale.”

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther said, “Columbus’ west side has always been a hub for
manufacturing and innovation, and Hyperion will bring a fresh wave of
investment and activity that will create opportunity for residents in
Westland, the Hilltop and beyond. Columbus’ public and private sectors are
committed to leadership in clean energy, technology, cutting-edge
manufacturing and the future of mobility, and I am delighted that Hyperion
will join us in driving our growth.”

J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO, said, “Ohio is poised to lead in
the development of hydrogen fuel cells, and Hyperion Companies, Inc. has
invested significant resources in developing cutting-edge solutions in
advancing this technology to support the automotive, transportation and
energy storage industries. JobsOhio plans to provide assistance following
the company’s achievement of operational milestones as Hyperion moves
forward to establish a new headquarters and R&D center in the Columbus

Hyperion chose to revitalize the storied building that once housed the
printing operations of the Columbus Dispatch because the layout and
operations of the highly advanced roll-to-roll printing hub mirror those of
a high-yield fuel cell membrane coating process. Between the ideal technical
capabilities of the building, the hydrogen supplier network already in place
in Ohio as well as the depth of the local R&D talent, Hyperion will be able
to fast track its operations and begin production in 2023.

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About Hyperion
Founded in 2011 by an expert team of PhDs, Hyperion Companies, Inc. is a
technology company that focuses on green hydrogen-based power and delivery.
From energy storage to transportation, Hyperion seeks to revolutionize the
energy sector by producing high-quality, low-cost hydrogen fuel cell
technology for use in a wide variety of industries. More information about
Hyperion can be found at  Follow Hyperion on Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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