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RPM Freight Systems Launches B2C Car-Hauling Service Carvaygo

RPM Freight Systems (RPM) has launched a new direct-to-consumer auto transportation service called Carvaygo. The car-hauling business allows private customers to collect quotes, book transport, and pay to ship privately owned vehicles (POVs) anywhere across the continental United States Built from the ground up to be a consumer-focused company dedicated to moving personal vehicles, Carvaygo uses a suite of technology tools to provide visibility with every shipment.

“Since RPM’s inception, our core business has been focused on providing freight and finished vehicle transportation across several industry sectors. However, we did not offer a direct-to-consumer service, until now. And it’s a great service! The intuitive user interface and the entire booking experience are extremely impressive. I’m very excited for the launch of this new business and know what a success it will be. I’m exceptionally proud of everyone involved. This launch embodies the RPM spirit and our determination to make an impact,” said RPM CEO Sergio Gutierrez.

The business-to-consumer (B2C) transportation service makes it easier to move POVs across state lines, when driving them yourself isn’t an option. Potential end-users who can benefit from Carvaygo’s unique capabilities include online car buyers, snowbirds, students, or anyone who might be relocating.

Carvaygo’s interface is engineered to be mobile-first and user-friendly, making it easy to adopt. Prospects are asked for minimal information before following a straightforward three-step process to quote, book, and transport a shipment.

After successfully booking an order, Carvaygo sends automated communication during key milestones for complete visibility into a shipment. Additionally, real-time status updates are backed by a team of Consumer Service Representatives (CSRs) to ensure that customers are always able to get in touch with a person with questions regarding their consignment.

“Rather than ask what the problems are that need fixing, we asked what is working and how we can achieve even more success. Carvaygo is the epitome of what RPM does best—moving vehicles from point A to point B with speed and efficiency. Carvaygo offers a rich user experience and, like RPM, removes the complexity of shipping your car. From a brand perspective, Carvaygo is unlike any of our competitors in the space. It’s bright and vibrant, it’s thoughtful and approachable, and is designed to leave consumers feeling confident in their decision to use Carvaygo to transport their transportation. It’s been a labor of love, but we can finally enjoy the fruits of that labor,” said Christian Herc, chief marketing and strategy officer, RPM | Carvaygo.

Carvaygo is committed to simplicity by acting as a single point of contact for consumers tracking their car-hauling journey. A team of dedicated transport professionals remains on-call to fact-check load delivery information, mitigate accessibility issues with carrier partners, and negotiate alternative drop-off locations as necessary.

Powered by RPM, Carvaygo uses a vast carrier network to provide dependable car-hauling transportation at the most affordable price. Since the company’s inception in 2012, RPM has earned a reputation for delivering quality service and, as a result, has earned numerous awards over the years.

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Sun. July 21st, 2024

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