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Inxpect Radars Offer the Perfect Balance Between Safety and Productivity in a Highly Automated Production Line

At the end of last year, a new welding line was commissioned at the BMW
Group plant in Munich, equipped with Inxpect’s new Safety Radar System.

Inxpect sensors use proprietary radar-based technology to safely detect
people, directing machinery to operate only when workers are outside their
work area. Thus, the safety of the workers is guaranteed.

The Inxpect 200 Series safety radar used by the BMW Group plant in Munich is
the first radar sensor in the world to be certified to SIL2/Pld/Cat3. It
enables industrial robots to safely perceive the presence of people in their
work areas by detecting even the smallest movements caused by breathing.
This unique feature of the Inxpect radar sensors helps prevent accidents
involving employees. At the same time, the fast response time of the sensors
helps to resume full operating speed as soon as the work area is clear. The
result is an intelligent production line that operates at full capacity
while allowing operators to be present in full safety.

“Meeting the complex requirements for the new welding system of the BMW
Group plant Munich was a great challenge that we were happy to accept,”
explains Luca Salgarelli, CEO of Inxpect. “I and the entire Inxpect team
would like to thank the main plant of the BMW Group for adopting our
technology: we are honored to be part of such an innovative manufacturing

Inxpect S.p.A.

Founded in late 2015 by Luca Salgarelli as a spin-off of the R&D activities
of TSec Srl and Superpartes SpA, Inxpect SpA is a company that designs and
manufactures smart radar sensors. The company has developed the first – and
to date the only – radar systems in the world certified for industrial
safety applications. Inxpect sensors are able to detect with certified
safety the presence of operators in working areas of any machine or
industrial robot, significantly increasing both the safety of operators and
the productivity of the machines. The system is now proposed to the market
by dozens of distributors and specialized integrators around the world, and
it is in the product portfolio, as a brand label, of major companies
operating in the field of automation and industrial safety. The company
currently employs approximately 60 people (including 18 with a PhD), has
headquarters, R&D and production in Italy (Brescia and Florence), part of
the R&D in Israel (Haifa), two subsidiaries in Spain and Germany, and in
2020 had a turnover of 2.1 million euros.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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