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Vaisala provides Volkswagen Group with global infotainment weather service to enhance driver safety and experience worldwide

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement, today announced the Volkswagen Group has integrated Vaisala’s top-of-the-line weather intelligence into its infotainment systems. This relationship further demonstrates the commitment of the companies to incorporate innovative and proven solutions to optimize safe driving experiences.

“As a market leader in automotive weather, we are incredibly proud that Volkswagen Group is leveraging our comprehensive, best-in-class weather data to engage drivers and passengers, and support the enhanced in-car user experience,” said Petri Marjava, Head of Automotive at Vaisala. “Volkswagen Group brands and their customers can count on Vaisala for weather information and forecasts that are as good as having a meteorologist riding in your passenger seat.”

Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles, with Volkswagen Group brands Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Skoda and Volkswagen passenger cars utilizing Vaisala weather information. This information is now fully integrated into the Volkswagen Group’s in-vehicle digital experience allowing owners to easily discover precise weather insights to maximize convenience and support travel planning using the following weather service features:

*       Hyper-local forecast and nowcast – Location-based weather feed provides detailed information for where you are and where you are going.
*       Precipitation information – Drivers can see where rain or snow is falling to plan and adjust routes accordingly.
*       Severe weather warnings – Helps drivers pre-empt local weather-related hazards with potential impact on their travels.

Beyond its work with Volkswagen Group, Vaisala is trusted by many other automotive industry leaders. The company’s premium automotive infotainment weather offering improves safety, efficiency, comfort, and convenience for drivers and vehicles worldwide. Built on a foundation of more than two decades of road weather modeling experience and over 85 years of weather measurement expertise, Vaisala annually delivers billions of weather forecasts for its automotive customers worldwide.

For more information about how Vaisala’s weather and road weather solutions enable a better driving experience, visit

About Vaisala
Vaisala is a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements. Building on over 85 years of experience, Vaisala provides observations for a better world, with space-proof technology even exploring Mars and beyond. We are a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services. Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala employs over 1,900 professionals worldwide and is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.

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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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