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Experience Research Firm BARE International Continues to Grow as Premiere Automotive Industry Partner Across Over 75 Countries

BARE International announced new partnerships across multiple automotive
industry clients, from sales, to automotive care such as oil changes, car
washes, and repairs, to aftersales experiences.

“BARE has been instrumental in the ongoing development, evolution and
execution of our Quarterly CX Assessments and annual Brand Audits,” says
Craig Mundy, Global Program Manager of the Customer Experience Team for
Shell Global. “They have conducted over 50,000 assessments per year for
Shell, across a variety of markets. Throughout our partnership, BARE teams
have been thorough, detailed, responsive and available to us at all levels,
market by market, globally, or directly through their President.”

Celebrating 35 years as a leader in the customer experience market research
industry, BARE International remains the premiere research partner for over
100 current automotive clients worldwide. Their solutions portfolio includes
brand management, online reputation, on-site and website mystery shopping,
satisfaction surveys, audits, and more.

Cecilia Bauché, Retail Processes and Customer Promise Section Manager for
Nissan Automotive Europe, states, “BARE is very flexible, can kick off a
program on short notice, and adapt to any ad-hoc changes or requests.”

“The automotive industry offers so many unique customer experiences,” says
Jason Bare, Global Vice President at BARE International. “There are many
opportunities for automotive businesses to reach out to their customers,
whether it’s branding and reputation pre-sale, to the sales experience, to
after sale upkeep and care. Each experience has their own set of insight
nuances that businesses need to grow their brand loyalty.”

According to a survey by marketing agency Adtaxi, 86% of respondents
research companies’ products and services online prior to making an
automotive purchase. Therefore, providing a seamless transition from digital
options, such as websites and social media, to onsite experiences is
integral in building customer loyalty and making the sale.

“We design experience research programs based on each clients’ needs,
starting with what part of the automotive industry they primarily serve,”
explains Business Development Director Michele Jowdy. “For example, an
on-site mystery shopping program is the best option for a sales experience,
whereas a QR code that links to a satisfaction survey works best for a gas
or carwash client.”

Vice President of Waterway Gas & Wash Company Mike Goldman says of BARE,
“The timely shops and well thought feedback has been an important facet in
Waterway’s continuous improvement and growth over this time. We can rely on
the folks at BARE to provide useful results.”

As members of the International Car Wash Association, Jason Bare and Michele
Jowdy will be on site at the International Car Wash Show in Nashville,
Tennessee. The Car Wash Show is the premier gathering of owners, managers,
and decision-makers from the car wash, quick lube and detailing segments,
providing car wash operators with the information and products they need to

“Our passion is designing custom programs so our clients can identify trends
and brand perception across multiple platforms – from social to lots and
stations – wherever their customers are,” adds Bare. “Every BARE program is
unique, just like our clients’ businesses.”

About BARE International: BARE International sets the industry standard as
the largest independent provider of customer experience research, data, and
analytics for companies worldwide. Founded in 1987, BARE International is a
family-owned business with global capabilities providing unmatched service
and supporting businesses in over twenty industries.

BARE is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Fairfax, Virginia
with ten offices around the world. On any given day, BARE International is
doing business for clients in more than 150 countries, completing more than
50,000 evaluations/audits each month. To learn more about BARE
International’s customer experience research services and their dedicated
field force of evaluators, visit

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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