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E4 Computer Engineering Accelerates ARM Based solutions

E4 Computer Engineering SpA  will collaborate with Ampere Computing  on the
optimization and sales of high performance servers on the AmpereR AltraR
processor family based on aarch64.

E4 Computer Engineering has a long history of designing and supplying
innovative platforms for HPC, AI, HPDA to users in different segments of
these markets. Ampere Computing offers Cloud- Native Processors that deliver
predictable, high performing, scalable, and power efficient computing. The
combination of E4’s domain experience in compute-intensive applications and
Ampere Computing’s innovative platforms will result in a family of products
that ensure maximum openness and interoperability to the HPC, AI, and HPDA
communities for on-premises and in the cloud.

Thanks to this collaboration, E4 Computer Engineering and Ampere Computing
will work to fine-tune a range of products for demanding customers looking
for a reliable, cost-effective and high-performance platform designed  for
accelerated computing.

Specifically, E4 Computer Engineering will make available to its customers
an innovative NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit based on Ampere processors. It is
a hardware and software platform integrated on a heterogeneous computing
system accelerated by GPU and CPU for the creation, evaluation and
benchmarking of HPC, AI and scientific computing applications. The kit
includes an Ampere processor, an NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU server, and the
NVIDIA HPC SDK tool suite.

“E4 Computer Engineering has always aimed at technological excellence in the
fields of HPC and AI, taking into the utmost consideration values such as
openness and interoperability”, explains Cosimo Gianfreda, CEO of E4
Computer Engineering – “Our products are designed keeping in mind end user
needs and with the aim of making these systems user-friendly, while
providing maximum performance at the lowest TCO. The partnership with Ampere
Computing represents the opportunity to co-design new products and validate
innovative technologies for growing markets”. The collaboration with Ampere
Computing represents the opportunity to deliver new, innovative alternatives
for growing compute-intensive markets”.

“E4 is an  ideal partner for our products,” says Sujan Kamran, Senior
Director of Partner Sales at Ampere Computing. “Their experience in high-end
platforms, as well as their in-depth knowledge of market needs, is
invaluable in bringing our products into emerging applications . The E4 R&D
laboratory will provide valuable insights and feedback based on their two
decades of experience in compute intensive applications.  We will be able to
deliver products with top performance, low energy consumption and a suite of
development tools to facilitate end users with their applications.”

“The collaboration between E4 Computer Engineering and Ampere Computing will
help increase the number of HPC projects in the research and enterprise
world, contributing to an advanced, sustainable future,” said Rod Evans,
EMEA Director of High Performance Computing and AI at NVIDIA. “Users can
harness the full potential of the  Ampere processor platform by combining it
with NVIDIA accelerators.”

E4 Computer Engineering
E4 Computer Engineering designs and manufactures highly technological
solutions for HPC Clusters, Cloud, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence
and Hyper-Converged infrastructure for the Academic and Industrial markets.
We have been collaborating for years with the main research centers at
national and international level (Cineca, CERN, ECMWF, LEONARDO) and we are
involved in national and European projects in the HPC and AI fields (EuroHPC
JU EPI, EUPEX, Horizon Europe)

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Wed. April 17th, 2024

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