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Auto Industry Payment Woes Over: New “Dealer Genie” Optimizes Auto Dealership Sales

Green Payments, a credit card processing and point of sale disrupter, today
announces its new Dealer Genie program, which gives automotive dealer
merchants complete control over their internal processing while creating a
seamless experience for their customers. Inspired by the gap in consumer
payment acceptance and automotive dealer standards, the new processing
program uses direct feedback from clients to offer a new level of
customization for the unique market.

Unlike many other retail enterprises, automotive companies often require
multiple touchpoints with a customer before securing a sale, and most
payment processing companies are limited in their customization to handle
the specific multidepartment transactions over one or more visits. Dealer
Genie is built on a proprietary payment solution with a cloud-based,
PCI-compliant platform that allows both corporate controllers and office
managers the ability to fully customize the point of sale and reporting
processes for each individual department in their dealership. Important
information, such as RO number, stock number, employee ID number and more,
can all be added to checkout screens and included on their daily batch
reports for easy tracking.

“Many of our sales representatives have worked in the automotive industry
before, which was a huge help in the early stages of Dealer Genie’s
development,” said Green Payments CEO and Founder Cliff Green. “We listened
to clients and our salespeople to create a white-glove, completely custom
ecosystem where automotive merchants who require a seamless process have
complete control over every step of the process, internally and externally.”

On the customer-facing side, Green Payments continues to utilize feedback
and payment trends to shape updates for Dealer Genie to better fit the needs
of their clients while ensuring secure transactions. The system allows the
option to pay via contactless payment options, such as Apple Pay, and
minimizes waste through electronic receipt signing and emailed copies of
their transaction. With an organized digital footprint, both client and
dealer can quickly recall important documents at the click of a button.

“So many of our routine headaches switching from one department’s tracking
numbers to another on the backend have disappeared thanks to Dealer Genie’s
tracking system,” says Debra Riggione, Manager of Cortese Auto Group. “The
time it takes to receipt transactions into our DMS has been cut in half by
capturing and organizing of our RO, VIN and employee numbers all at the time
of sale, resulting in better customer satisfaction through quicker, easier

First founded in 2014, Green Payments has helped nearly 200 merchants per
month build their financial stability while generating more than $1 billion
in consumer payments each year. Almost a decade after its inception, Green
Payments has helped over 10,000 businesses save money on their credit card
processing fees by helping to eliminate the 2-3% processing fee through
programs like their Swipe-Less system. Green Payments is on pace to have
over 1,000 auto dealers using their Dealer Genie platform by 2025.

For more information on Dealer Genie and Green Payments’ offerings, visit

About Green Payments
Green Payments is a payments technology company delivering innovative
software and services to customers nationwide. Green Payments’ technologies,
services and employee expertise enable businesses large and small to operate
their businesses more efficiently through a broad range of solutions to
minimize overreaching credit card fees for building a healthier economy.
Since 2019, Green Payments has established itself as a leader in the
payments industry with the focus of customer service at its core, providing
24/7 assistance and continued checkups throughout the length of the
contract. Visit for more information.

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Wed. April 17th, 2024

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