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LeddarTech Is Recognized With Two Prestigious Awards for Its Raw Data Sensor Fusion and Perception ADAS and AD Platform

LeddarTechR, a global leader in providing the most flexible, robust and
accurate ADAS and AD sensing technology, proudly announces receiving two
awards recognizing its LeddarVisionT sensor fusion and perception platform.
The platform is a flexible, robust, cost-effective, sensor-agnostic and
scalable auto-grade solution that delivers highly accurate 3D environmental
models. In addition, the software supports all SAE autonomy levels by
applying AI and computer vision algorithms to fuse raw data from sensors
employed in L2-L5 on-road and off-road autonomous vehicle applications.

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 2022 – The Volkswagen Group Innovation Tel Aviv 2022
Konnect and CARIAD Startup Challenge awarded LeddarTech with a cash prize
for its sensor fusion and perception technology

“We were impressed by LeddarTech’s professionally prepared pitch and
proposal of a PoC,” stated Jan Zawadzki, Head of AI, CARIAD. “We were
intrigued by their technical capabilities, which fit our general ADAS
strategy, and we’re looking forward to creating an AI safety-related PoC
with their product,” Mr. Zawadzki concluded.

LeddarTech was selected in the final round of the competition after Konnect,
the Open Innovation Hub of the Volkswagen Group, and the VW Commercial
Vehicles judges screened more than 30 Israeli startups.

CARIAD is responsible for building the leading tech stack for the automotive
industry, aiming to create a new automotive experience and increase the
innovation speed of Volkswagen Group to make the car a sustainable, safe and
seamlessly connected mobility companion in a digital world.

Shenzhen, China, August 13, 2022 – The Shenzhen Automotive Electronics
Industry Association recognizes LeddarTech with the Automotive Electronics
Science and Technology Award for LeddarVision in the Product Innovation
Excellence category

LeddarTech received this award for its highly innovative raw data sensor
fusion and perception technology that enhances ADAS and AD safety over
traditional object fusion technology. This industry-first solution is also
sensor agnostic and scalable, thus enabling its customers to scale up to
Level 5 autonomy on the same platform. This commitment to a safer and more
customer-centric sensor fusion and perception software solution sets
LeddarTech apart, leading to being selected for this prestigious award.

The Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association was founded in 2010
as a non-profit organization with over 500 members representing auto
electronics and related parts technology companies across China. The award
recognizes scientific research and technological innovation in the auto
electronics industry. The award-winning companies were determined after
advanced engineering judges from the automotive industry and R&D experts
from leading domestic automotive companies assessed more than 250 products.

“The recognition of our technology from these two organizations represents a
profound acknowledgment of the expertise and challenging work of the sensor
fusion and perception engineering teams led by our R&D center in Israel and
our employees around the world who support these efforts,” stated Mr.
Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech. “These awards are greatly appreciated
and acknowledge our industry differentiation, commitment to win-win
partnerships and, most importantly, our mission to enable ADAS and AD
products that improve safety and the quality of life of drivers and the
general public,” Mr. Boulanger concluded.

About LeddarTech

Founded in 2007, LeddarTech is a comprehensive end-to-end environmental
sensing company that enables customers to solve critical sensing, fusion and
perception challenges across the entire value chain. LeddarTech provides
cost-effective perception solutions scalable from Level 2 ADAS to Level 5
full autonomy with LeddarVisionT, a raw-data sensor fusion and perception
platform that generates a comprehensive 3D environmental model from a
variety of sensor types and configurations. LeddarTech also supports LiDAR
manufacturers and Tier 1-2 automotive suppliers with key technology building
blocks such as LeddarSteerT digital beam steering and LeddarEngineT, which
comprises a highly integrated, scalable LiDAR SoC and software combination
that enables the accelerated design of automotive-grade LiDAR solutions with
optimized cost-to-performance ratios. The company is responsible for several
innovations in cutting-edge automotive and mobility remote-sensing
applications, with over 140 patents granted or applied for, enhancing ADAS
and autonomous driving capabilities.

Additional information about LeddarTech is accessible at
and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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