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EQUIP AUTO Paris International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation


A contest acknowledged around the world as a marker of quality, the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation aim to select and distinguish the most innovative concepts, products and services among those presented at the tradeshow EQUIP AUTO Paris, and highlight the emerging technologies in the automotive aftermarket. 107 entries were submitted in the seven competition categories.

The jury including Automotive industries, comprised nearly 100 journalists from 18 countries, announced the 7 winners designated from among the 30 shortlisted innovations in the 19th competition organised by the tradeshow EQUIP

AUTO Paris:


The 7 winning innovations

Bodywork and paintwork category

Solution distinguished: Paint-free topcoat reconditioning

RestorFX is a polymimetic surface regeneration technology that redefines automotive reconditioning with a paintless solution (PCR: Paintless Clearcoat Repair). Nothing compares in terms of results, speed and cost.

RestorFX is not a wax or another cosmetic product, between bodywork and poly-polishing, RestorFX is an innovative technical and chemical process for the deep reconditioning of paint clearcoat by chemical fusion and self-curing which gives vehicles a brand new look.


Sustainable development and circular economy category (new)

Solution distinguished: 3D printed bearing

Additive manufacturing process for all bearings(wheels, two-wheelers, etc) which allows 3D printing of bearing components to replace parts (for vintage or collector cars for example) and to produce parts at a low volume demand. Since the parts are printed rather than machined from solid there is less material waste which offers a more sustainable production process. Lead times can also be improved and there are opportunities for more design flexibility when using this process.

Original equipment and tyres category
Solution distinguished: eAxle

eAxle is a drive unit combining a transaxle, a motor and an inverter, which are indispensable for electrified vehicles. Aisin's eAxle is not only used in eco-friendly vehicles but is also utilized to provide happiness and enjoyment for driving, which is, so to speak, the heart of an electrified vehicle. The development of eAxles has become a matter of urgent necessity throughout the world, and engineers are engaged in a relentless race to the top.

Aisin has contributed to the achievement of top-class electric mileage among electric units by employing new technologies including the optimization of motor magnet arrangement and the use of low-viscosity oil for electric units.


Lubricants, vehicle care products, washing, roadside services

Solution distinguished: Bulk dispensing machine for eco-friendly cleaning

Distribution of Vegecar Brand products (Auto maintenance products based
on 100% natural origin surfactants) with a bulk dispensing machine, offering these benefits:

– a significant drop in plastic consumption
– avoidance of waste since the customer only serves themself what they need
– money savings, since the customer leaves with the bare minimum.

The following products can be dispensed with the device: waterless cleaner, alloy wheel cleaner, leather and plastic cleaner, bodywork shampoo, glass cleaner, etc.


Garage tooling and equipment category
Company: HELLA
Solution distinguished: MEGA MACS X + MT-HV Module

Combining mega macs X with the MT-HV measurement module creates a real dream team. Not only does the MT-HV module have the same design as mega macs X, but it is just as flexible. Both tools work via Bluetooth®.

What could be more obvious for a new generation of tools? MT-HV is an innovative measuring module with an integrated high-voltage measuring board and a module compartment that accommodates well-known low-voltage measuring modules such as the MT-56 or the MT-77 module.

Thanks to this ingenious trick, the MT-HV can be converted into a wireless measuring module for all your low-voltage and high-voltage measuring tasks. This solution is particularly attractive if the mega macs 56 or mega macs 77 measuring module is already available in the workshop. MT-HV is also available with an optional additional MT-77 module. It has been specially designed to work with mega macs X and provides all the measurement functions required for work on hybrid and electric vehicles



Parts, equipment and components for aftersales category
Solution distinguished: Night Breaker H7-Led

OSRAM, the No. 1 in automotive lighting, developed the NIGHT BREAKER LED from scratch and put it through its paces in collaboration with TÜV-Süd. A revolution in technology and design, NIGHT BREAKER LED is OSRAM's first LED low beam lamp approved for road use. Approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for a wide range of headlights and vehicle types, the NIGHT BREAKER LED offers superior performance of state-of-the-art lighting technology. This powerful LED lamp with a cool colour temperature similar to daylight brings up to 220% more brightness onto the streets. Compared to regular halogen lamps, the NIGHT BREAKER LED thanks to its vibration resistance and the fact that it lasts up to five times longer, ensures more driving pleasure. And it also takes the design of the vehicle to the next level.


Digital solutions, IT, connectivity and mobility category
Solution distinguished: Secure Diagnostic Access (SDA)

Thanks to Secure Diagnostic Access (SDA), its standardised solution integrated in ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online, Bosch provides secure access to protected vehicle diagnostics.

Restricted access to diagnostic capabilities: in order to protect the electronics of new vehicles, embedded systems are protected by security gateways. Active diagnostic work, such as the calibration of ADAS driver assistance systems or a simple reset of the service indicator, is generally no longer possible. It is a technical and administrative challenge for workshops because each manufacturer has its own technical solution but also its own

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