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Bostik launch new Born2Bond engineering adhesives for automotive electronics industry

Bostik’s Born2Bond™ HMPUR and UV-CIPG engineering adhesive ranges have been extended to serve the needs of automotive electronics designers and manufacturers looking to protect automotive components from heat, liquids, humidity, chemicals and vibrations.

The UV-CIPG (UV Cure-In-Place Gaskets) range’s two additional products provide further gasketing solutions that help to protect automotive electronics enclosures from dust and liquids. The new solutions are reworkable, thus providing greater design flexibility without the need to create new molds required for traditional gaskets. In facilitating parts servicing, essential to furthering sustainability, the range is especially important as the industry seeks solutions to the global semiconductor chip shortage.

Automotive electronic applications include sealing sensors, cameras, infotainment systems, displays, invertors, batteries, BMS, and more. UV-CIPG adhesives also deliver high durability with thermal and humidity resistance and conveniently change colour during the curing process.

The high-performance HMPUR (Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive) range has been extended with six new products that support increasing units per hour (UPH) and a reduction in clamping time through precision and speed of application. The range is durable, flexible and elastic, delivers the highest bonding strength on multiple substrates, including plastic, glass and metal, and is available in multiple viscosities. The range’s good ageing and impact resistance and excellent water, humidity, sebum, temperature and chemical resistance are critical in delivering the required protection for automotive components, displays and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), sensors and cameras.

As in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems feature larger and thinner screens, they also need to be more resistant to vibrations and moisture, another challenge answered specifically by Born2Bond™ HMPUR engineering adhesives, which support structural parts bonding, touch panel bonding, acoustic assembly and auto display bonding. Specially designed for such applications, the HMPUR HHD 6103BK adhesive has an operating temperature of 110 to 130 degrees Celsius, an open time of five minutes, and can be stretched to 1200% before breakage, delivering excellent impact resistance.

Both ranges have been specifically designed for auto dispensing, providing precision application and high-production efficiency, reducing wastage and cost and furthering sustainability. Engineering adhesives and UV cure-in-place gaskets deliver low-energy application processes and support preventative maintenance. They also help provide increased user comfort, meeting the needs of increasingly stringent safety regulations.

Bostik’s Thermelt™ LPM (Low Pressure Molding) range of polyamide hotmelts have an important role within the automotive sector in encapsulating electronic components and protecting them from moisture, dust, dirt and debris. Simplified to a single, fast and low-energy process, Thermelt™ provides a cross between classic plastic injection and resin potting and is ideal for connectors, onboard electronics, LEDs and PCBs (printed circuit boards). It delivers high resistance to temperature and oil and easy processability at low pressure and low temperatures, which enables them to encapsulate even the most fragile, and sensitive of automotive electronics.

Stephen Edwards, Business Director APAC of Engineering Adhesives at Bostik, says that Bostik industrial and Born2Bond™ engineering adhesives have a vast range of solutions for the automotive industry:

“As the industry pivots its focus to electric vehicles (EV) and the requirement for battery protection becomes even more vital, our adhesives provide sustainable, efficient and ultimately high-performing solutions for effective EV manufacture and maintenance.

“Our teams also relish the opportunity to develop tailor-made solutions depending on the specific need of the manufacturer. It is these needs that guide our product development.”

The new HMPUR products are Born2Bond™ HHD 5510, HHD 5518BK, HHD 5529, HHD 5539 AND HHD 6103BK. The new UV-CIPG products are Born2Bond™ AU060R and AU589V.

For more information on Born2Bond™ product range and to request a free sample of any of the above products, please visit:

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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