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Comau develops innovative technologies and processes for next-generation batteries in Horizon Europe’s Spinmate project

Comau has joined the SPINMATE project,  an initiative led by Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering (ABEE) that aims to develop innovative and scalable manufacturing techniques for solid-state battery cells. The initiative intends to demonstrate a scalable, sustainable, safe, and cost-effective digitalized pilot line as a first step towards the large-scale manufacturing of generation 4b (Gen 4b) solid-state battery (SSB) cells and modules, to support the electrification of the automotive sector.

Working with international partners, material manufacturers, research organizations and universities, Comau is responsible for the development of innovative SSB cell assembly processes that are safe, efficient and fully scalable. This includes identifying the equipment and tools needed to cut, stack and handle next-generation materials such as metallic lithium and solid electrolytes in automatic cell assembly. Comau is also spearheading the digitalization strategy for the milestone pilot line, which will comprise Industry 4.0 and 5.0 digital manufacturing concepts. The Technology Readiness Level 6 line is expected to be finalized by mid 2026.

In addition to helping create large-scale manufacturing processes for next-generation solid-state batteries, Comau will advance its development of cutting-edge equipment for all-solid-state cell assembly. The company will also develop new proprietary algorithms for the design and optimization of cell manufacturing plants, in addition to applying its digital solutions to a new environment.

As part of the company’s firm commitment to energy transformation solutions, Comau is actively involved in three of Europe’s top battery consortiums, having joined the European Battery Alliance (EBA), the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) and the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) at the beginning of 2021. Similarly, Comau is a partner of Upcell – European Battery Manufacturing Alliance, an association that promotes the creation of a totally European value chain for the development and production of electric batteries. Comau also participates in numerous projects regarding electrification as part of the HORIZON 2020  and HORIZON EUROPE programs, such as SPINMATE.

In addition to developing automated manufacturing systems for battery cells, modules and complete packs, Comau is designing and, in some cases, already supplying customers with a range of systems for different stages of the production process including battery cell forming technologies. The company is also actively engaged in bridging the gap between prototype manufacturing and commercial production of new battery technologies with the aim of achieving industrial-scale development of solid-state batteries. Finally, Comau is applying its innovation to research projects regarding alternative next-generation technologies, such as sodium batteries.

“Initiatives such as these are key to achieving the world’s energy transformation goals and underscore Comau’s ongoing dedication to helping promote and enable a truly circular economy,” confirms Gian Carlo Tronzano, Head of Battery Cell Global Competence Center. “We are proud to be at the forefront of the effort to speed technology advances toward the industrialization of next-generation, solid-state batteries and their related technologies, thus helping create value for OEMs and suppliers alike.”

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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