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EID Robotics Selected to Ramp Up Ample’s EV Battery Production in California

EID Robotics, Inc. (EID), a leading provider of modular microfactory
solutions, announced it has signed a contract with Ample, Inc., a pioneer in
Electric Vehicle (EV) battery swapping technology, to automate part of
Ample’s battery manufacturing operations. With Ample’s battery swapping
station, it’s possible to deliver 100% charge to any EV in under 10 minutes
for any make or model. Ample’s mission is to accelerate the transition to
electric mobility by offering an energy delivery solution that is as fast,
as convenient, and as affordable as gas, while being powered by 100%
renewable energy.

Under the signed contract, Ample will use EID’s fully automated ANT Plant
microfactory in its California production facility. Unlike traditional
custom-made manufacturing lines, ANT Plant is built from standardized
robotic assembly cells. It can be configured to assemble variety of
electromechanical devices, such as batteries, medical devices, automotive
sub-assemblies, and lighting fixtures. Due to ANT Plant’s modularity and its
pre-designed cells, it enables faster design and deployment and lower cost
than competing automation solutions.

“We are very pleased about this collaboration with EID and utilizing its
innovative manufacturing technology, which will allow us to rapidly ramp up
our modular battery manufacturing capacity.” said Ample’s CEO, Mr. Khaled
Hassounah. “After evaluating all market options, we found ANT Plant to
provide the best value, with its modular design that minimizes the
installation time at our facility,”

Paavo Käkelä, Co-Founder and VP Sales, EID Robotics. stated:” We are
thrilled about this opportunity to help Ample in ramping up the first in
industry battery swapping solution. This is also a great example of how ANT
Plant automation technology can help US manufacturers to build efficient
operations at the local level instead of outsourcing production to

About Ample
Ample was founded in 2014 and is based in San Francisco, California, USA.
Ample utilizes autonomous robotics and smart-battery technology to solve the
energy delivery challenge for electric transportation. It created an
economical, rapidly deployable, and widely accessible platform that delivers
a full charge to any electric car in minutes. The aim is to make it possible
to have “Electric Cars for Everyone”.

About EID Robotics
EID Robotics’ mission is to help manufacturers worldwide to bring their
production closer to home by using fully automated assembly lines. EID
Robotics’ ANT Plant microfactory uses modular production cells for robotic
assembly, which enables fast and cost-effective implementation. Company was
founded in 2009 and has its offices in Kuopio, Finland, and Boston, MA, USA.

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Tue. July 16th, 2024

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