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Generate revenue while having fun : Stradall, the new automotive crypto-game mixing trading cards & Play to Earn

Childhood collections filled us with a passion that nostalgia still ignites some times. Whether toy cars, football cards, Panini albums, Pokémon or Magic, we all have fond memories we love to bask in…
… and those can shape the future of the automobile: thanks to Stradall, the next international pillar of web3, this universe will evolve towards the blockchain and Metaverse ecosystem.

Because this concept, which combines trading cards and gaming, is entirely designed around prestige and vintage cars.

With a unique feature: card holders will receive daily royalties on sales of the same cards of lesser rarity.

“In the long term, we hope to offer a global and fun experience, which mixes investment and gaming, to all car lovers and many more.”

Stradall, the “Sorare” of the automobile

During 2023, Stradall will launch its platform for buying, selling and trading NFT cards.

Purchasers will then be able to participate in a play-to-earn game to generate revenue while having fun.

A wonderful user experience

“The game algorithm incorporates more than 15 real-world performances and characteristics of each car featured on the NFT cards.”

Managers manage their garage and compose their team (stable) to participate in virtual races based on the assets (characteristics) of each card.

Thanks to blockchain technology, the rarity and security of the cards is guaranteed. Players can therefore freely exchange and use their car card from their team.

There are 4 levels of rarity per model: Unique (Black Card 1/1), Legendary (Gold Card 1/10), Rare (Silver Card 1/100) and Limited (Blue Card 1/1000); as well as a 5th rarity level, “Common” (Unlimited Free
Card), in order to play for free.

Cards are acquired thanks to an auction system, in which all managers can participate. They then buy and sell their cards to other players on the secondary market.

Metanol: the green fuel of the inter-operational Metaverse

Metanol is the cryptocurrency developed by Stradall. It will allow gamers to pay for game fees and various purchases (cards, avatars, collectibles, etc.).

Users/drivers will also install the upcoming METANOL STRADALL application linked to the 0-carbon emission car.

While driving, users will earn game currency.

Each kilometre driven will automatically generate a $MTNL income in the METANOL STRADALL app wallet, which can either be used in the game, cashed in for profit or used to buy F1 GP tickets and car events, goodies, etc.

$MTNL can also be used to access our big car project in the Metaverse!

The (big) extras

•       More and more prestigious car brands are currently in talks – Alpine and Alpine F1 as well as the Hopium hydrogen car are currently being signed – and the ambition to establish long-term partnerships with car brands

•       The Stradall experience will be enriched by its official partners: Microsoft, Moonpay and Immutable X;

•       Card rental from V2 onwards so that everyone can play and join the championships;

•       A team capable of carrying a concept without limits in terms of development.

Don’t miss: the first Private Sales of Metanol ($MTNL) and NFT cards in 2023

The presale will take place at the end of spring. It will offer preferential rates and the chance to win Olivier Panis’ Alpine A110 Monaco Limited edition, delivered by himself.

Valued at 100,000 euros, this very special prize will be awarded to its lucky new owner after the private sales end.

An exceptional Dream Team

The board is composed of national and international leaders from each sector: cybersecurity, blockchain development, business and capital management, automotive, gaming, 3D and the crypto-currency/NFT ecosystem.

Together, they will ensure the sustainability of the Stradall ecosystem over time and secure its viability over the long run.

We are proud to count in our team:

Victor Faramond, co-founder of MoonPay, the world’s #1 payment solution for crypto (valued at USD 3.4 billion) and featured in the highly prestigious 30 under 30 Forbes USA 2023. His latest round of funding attracted such famous investors as Serena Williams, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Bruce Willis, Drake, etc.

Michael Lee, VP of Activision Blizzard and VP of Dfinity (ICP Token market-cap valued at USD 45billion) and a producer at Disney.

Julius Akinyemi, a professor teaching about blockchain at the MIT MEDIA LAB of Boston Massachusetts (he is also a former Tech leader at PepsiCo & the Wells Fargo Bank) and the CEO of UWINCorp.

Benoit Huguet and Romain Didier Laurent, founders of the Journal du Coin. It is currently the first French-speaking media specialised in crypto-currency, NFT and blockchain.

Olivier Panis, former F1 driver and current team manager at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Discover the two partners who set out together on this great adventure

The Stradall project was born from the passion for cars of two entrepreneurs and investors in crypto-currencies & NFT:

•       Sylvain Valette and Julien Couderc, serial entrepreneurs

•       Fabien Barthez, associate ambassador

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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