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EcoMotion Week 2023: The World Leaders of Smart Mobility and more than 100 innovative Startups, with key speakers, executives VP from Hyundai, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda and more

EcoMotion Week 2023: A global event with senior figures from the smart transportation and automotive worlds, including Dr. Peter Lenhart, VP of the BMW group, Audi VP Gro Kemp, Hyundai VP &
Head of Global Strategy Office, Heungsoo Kim ,George Kellerman, VP of Toyota’s Woven project, and others.

Among the 100 + startups which will be presented at the event: A charging tower for electric vehicles, technology to prevent forgetting infants in cars, an electric surfboard for marine transportation, alongside new reveals and news regarding the industry-leading Israeli companies

EcoMotion Week 2023 will be held on May 22-24, 2023. This year, as in previous years, the global event will feature speakers including senior executives from the smart transportation and automotive worlds in a cross-border conference. The main event will take place on May 23, and will deal with smart transportation, with a long list of participants, innovations, entrepreneurs and projects. The 11th EcoMotion Conference will highlight the ever-increasing interest of the automakers, Tier1 manufacturers and technology companies in the smart transportation community in Israel, with more than 800 representatives of international companies coming from 61 countries, as part of dozens of delegations from Asia, America and Europe.

During the conference, panels will be held on a variety of topics such as the future of batteries and energy storage, the world of the infrastructure required for electric vehicle, the current state of affairs in the autonomous vehicle area, weaknesses in cyber systems from the point of view of hackers, new trends in the worlds of innovation, investments in the field, and more. During the conference and before it, companies and startups are expected to make announcements regarding activities and investments in Israel and globally.

The event will be chaired, as usual, by senior executives of the global automotive and transportation industry, including: Gero Kempf, Audi’s vice president for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), George Kellerman, vice president of Toyota’s Woven project for building future transportation and mobility solutions, Dr. Peter Lehnert, BMW Vice President for Technology and Innovation, Heungsoo Kim, Hyundai’s VP & Head of Global Strategy Office, and Eric Feunteun, Chief Operating Officer for Software République, part of the Renault group.

Also expected to participate in the event: Israeli Minister of Transport and Road Safety, Miri Regev,  Minister of Economy and Industry, Nir Barkat, Prof. Shai Shalev-Schwartz, CTO of Mobileye, Shai Agassi, Chairman of Makalu Optics and Joachim Mathes, VP of French spare parts and assemblies manufacturing, Valeo. For the full list of conference speakers

Alongside the event, several side events will be held in which leading companies and other organizations from the industry will present the technologies they have developed:

Innoviz, a manufacturer of LiDAR sensors for autonomous driving, which provide improved vision compared to the human eye and thus have the ability to reduce the risk of making mistakes which could lead to accidents. Valens Semiconductor, which supplies market-leading chips for the audio-video market, with the world’s most advanced technology for fast in-car communications. The Drive TLV mobility incubator will allow European startups to showcase their products – EIT Urban Mobility and STARTUP AUTOBAHN from Germany and MobiltyXLab from Sweden. For details of Side Events

The event will include an exhibition of over 100 startups, including innovative ventures that will present the technologies they have developed:

Athena – combating the tragedy of infants being forgotten in cars, using sensors that detect the presence of the child in the car, rapidly implementing an emergency policy that includes, in the first stage, notifying the driver to take the child out, and then actions that include, inter alia, contacting external parties, turning on the air conditioning, opening windows, turning on emergency flashers, and more.

C2A Security – provider of cyber protection solutions and DevSecOps tools for car manufacturers. At the conference, the company will host Sick.Codes, a hacker and cyber entity, who works with leading car manufacturers, helping them to identify software and hardware weaknesses throughout the development and production stages of the vehicle. Sick.Codes has worked, inter alia, with Porsche and Stellantis, which includes 16 car brands, including Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Maserati, Citroen, Peugeot and others.

Level Hydrofoils is engaged in the unique area of the transition of marine transportation to the world of electricity, and enables, using a remote control, an extraordinary experience of flying above the water in an electric vessel, which can be used even by surfers without experience – a technological solution that automatically provides stability and flying above the surface of the water. The vessel will also “stand” using only one leg, making it a small electric motor boat 2 meters high.

Jupiter EV paves the way for the transition of the automotive world to electric propulsion, enabling the construction of a multi-level charging tower, creating 8 to 16 fast DC charging stations in an area less than 50 sq.m., based on a unique robotic parking tower with a proprietary interface to standard charging systems.

For full details of all the startups

Jennifer Schwarz, CEO of the EcoMotion community: “The level of appreciation and inquisitiveness that the Israeli start-up companies arouse in the global automotive industry inspires pride. EcoMotion Week will present the innovative technologies that have a huge impact on all of our way of life, starting with the way we move from place to place, the vehicles we will purchase, the planning of smart cities and infrastructure, to the delivery of goods and logistics. We are proud to host the global automotive industry in all its levels; The event will provide a significant boost to the Israeli industry, and we expect new collaborations and investments in the ecosystem that will advance the smart transportation community in Israel.”

Daniela Gera Margaliot, VP for Innovation and Smart Transportation, the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety: “The Ministry of Transport continues to promote the Israeli autotech industry with a wide variety of tools and supports. As in each year, we are happy to invite you to the EcoMotion Conference, a joint venture of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, the Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the Israel Innovation Institute, to be exposed to breakthrough technologies at an international level.”

Inon Elroy, Head of the Industrial Cooperation Authority at the israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry: “The activity of the EcoMotion community, the oldest of the 14 innovation communities we operate, is an incubator and accelerator of innovation for the Israeli smart transportation industry. The high-level international participation in this year’s conference reflects the global recognition of the unique cluster that exists in Israel, which includes a variety of solutions that contribute to players in this area and the general public, in the aspects of safety, advanced navigation, cyber protection, energy efficiency and more.

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