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HARMAN Bolsters its Automotive Cybersecurity Program with New Certification

Coinciding with cybersecurity awareness month, HARMAN is taking the next
step forward in reinforcing its credibility as a trusted cybersecurity
partner across the global automotive industry. HARMAN announced that its
cybersecurity management system has been audited in accordance with the
ISO/SAE 21434:2021 standard and obtained the certificate of compliance,
further strengthening the automotive supply chain for OEM partners.

The certification helps the industry define a structured process to ensure
cybersecurity is incorporated into the design of road vehicles and provides
a framework for organizations to identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity
risks throughout the lifecycle of their products. It plays a crucial role in
safeguarding vehicles and vehicle occupants from potential cyber threats,
while also promoting a standardized approach to automotive cybersecurity
across the industry.

As a technology company with a long-standing heritage in automotive, HARMAN
is well-equipped to support OEM partners in complying with the UNR 155 (UN
Regulation No. 155), which requires that all OEMs implement a risk-based
management framework (CSMS) for detecting and protecting against cyber
threats throughout the vehicle cycle. Meeting the highest standards for
automotive cybersecurity, HARMAN’s cybersecurity products protect the
vehicle and passengers alike, providing OEMs with confidence that their
supply chain is secure.

“With cybersecurity consistently being a top priority for new vehicles,
HARMAN is committed to delivering products and technologies that have a
tangible impact on improving the safety of connected vehicles,” said Huibert
Verhoeven, SVP of Intelligent Cockpit at HARMAN. “Through strong
collaboration, HARMAN passed the audit and obtained certification for
ISO/SAE 21434 compliance, further validating HARMAN’s track record of
successfully advancing cybersecurity innovations within new automotive

As vehicles become more connected than ever before, leading automakers are
in need of solutions that enable them to deliver new experiences while
mitigating risks associated with system vulnerabilities, preventing data
breaches, and managing threats to the systems’ integrity and safety.
Similarly, consumers are increasingly demanding exciting – but safe and
reliable – vehicle experiences. HARMAN, with its unique blend of automotive
heritage and technology expertise, is the trusted partner of vehicle
manufacturers globally, with years of domain expertise.

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