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Driving Innovation and Excellence The Success Story of ATP Adhesive Systems AG Switzerland’s Top-Performing Company

Welcome to this Automotive Industries interview with Daniel Heini, CEO of
ATP Gruppe. Heini sheds light on ATP Adhesive Systems AG’s recognition as
Switzerland’s best-managed company, attributing success to their nine
strategic pillars and a strong “customer-first” approach. He emphasizes
ATP’s pivotal role in optimizing bonds in automotive applications,
prioritizing safety, lightweight designs, and sustainability. Daniel Heini
delves into technological advancements propelling ATP as a market leader in
water-based adhesive technology, demonstrating adaptability across industry
segments through strategic R&D and global distribution networks. Stay tuned
for insights into ATP’s commitment to excellence and client specificity.

Automotive Industries: Daniel Heini, as the CEO of ATP Gruppe, could you
elaborate on the key strategies and initiatives that contributed to ATP
Adhesive Systems AG receiving the award for Switzerland’s best managed
company in terms of strategy, quality of management, capabilities, and

Heini: we got the award in becoming the market leader in solvent free
adhesive tape products for industrial applications and got also due to our 9
pillars: Hihly flexible machinery, application know-how, adhesive
formulation know-how, highest and constant product quality, customised
products, cost leader, strong sales organisation, technology leader and
especially our “customer first” approach.

Automotive Industries: How has ATP Adhesive Systems AG cultivated a strong
culture and commitment within the organization, and how did this influence
the company’s recognition as Switzerland’s best managed company?

Heini: ATP Adhesive Systems AG fostered a strong culture through inclusive
leadership, employee engagement, and alignment with strategic goals, driving
excellence and recognition.

Automotive Industries: Could you explain how ATP adhesives optimize bonds in
automotive and transport applications, and how this optimization contributes
to enhanced vehicle safety?

Heini: ATP strives always together with all suppliers to offer better
products (in performance) for a more economical price with the highest,
constant quality. In regards of performance ATP is offering tape solutions
with the lowest emissions and odourless. Especially for car interior
applications, that’s the most important characteristic, which will be
further more and more important in the future. And especially as a
contribution to fixate for electronic detection systems (HOD,  Passenger
detection systems), you need a very reliable product over the lifetime.

Automotive Industries: How does the use of ATP adhesives enable lightweight
designs in the automotive and transport industries, and what impact does it
have on fuel efficiency and overall performance?

Heini: The impact of tapes in the total car is quite negligible, as appr
only 1kg of tapes is used in interior application. A saving of 10% would
lead to 100g per car. But we always try to optimize our tapes to offer the
right product with the right adhesive coating weight. There comes now
another effect of the product carbon footprint (PCF), which is lower if
there is less adhesive. And especially in regards of PCF water based tapes
are showing a lower footprint than solvent based products.

Automotive Industries: Could you discuss how ATP adhesive systems elevate
performance in the automotive and transport industries, and how this
enhancement directly benefits manufacturers and end-users alike?

Heini: The end-user benefit directly because of the low emission properties
of tapes used in the interior applications. There is no smell coming from
the tape and has also no hazardous emissions. The converter and
manufacturers benefit from our 30 years experiende in designing the right
product (adhesive type, product thickness, carrier and especially the liner
is important in the production processes).

Automotive Industries: What specific technological advancements or
formulations by ATP have contributed to making ATP adhesive systems a market
leader in water-based technology for industrial applications, especially in
the mobility sector?

Heini: Especially the low emission, low odour tapes were the key performance
in the automotive industry. Furthermore we always develop together with the
customer the right product or according new regulations. For example we just
developed a flame retardant tape which was requested to have a halogen and
phenolic free flame retardant. In the meantime we have over 40 running
adhesive formulations, all dedicated to different applications and with
different properties. And all developed by our own.

Automotive Industries: How does ATP Gruppe ensure the adaptability and
client specificity of pressure-sensitive and heat-activated adhesive tapes,
catering to various industry segments including mobility, construction,
healthcare, and electronics?

Heini: We ensure the adaptability in having strong R&D and Sales team,
dedicated to a special segment. Therefore we can make it sure, that we
understand the market, applications and needs for every segment (also
competition). This is the differentiation point and together with these
strong teams with offer the very fast supply with samples or new developed
products in our lab.

Automotive Industries: Could you elaborate on how ATP Gruppe utilizes its
flexible production facilities across different locations (Germany, USA, UK)
and its global distribution network to effectively serve the mobility,
construction, and other industry segments?

Heini: We check for every customer and discuss with every customer the
specific needs of the goods.  We can support the customers with stock in
every continent or even country or having consignment stocks either directly
at the customer or in a different warehouse. Furthermore for all our
production facilities we have emergency plans and could shift it to another
production facility. We are now working with over 60 different countries
around the globe and do business in all continents.

In conclusion, the interview with Daniel Heini, CEO of ATP Gruppe, has
provided valuable insights into ATP Adhesive Systems AG’s journey towards
being recognized as Switzerland’s best-managed company. The organization’s
success can be attributed to their well-defined strategic pillars, notably
their “customer-first” approach and emphasis on constant product quality.
Their pivotal role in optimizing bonds in automotive applications,
prioritizing safety, lightweight designs, and sustainability, showcases
their commitment to innovation and progress.

Technological advancements, particularly in water-based adhesive technology,
have propelled ATP as a market leader, showcasing their adaptability across
various industry segments. The dedication to client specificity and
adaptability is evident in their robust R&D and global distribution
networks, ensuring tailored solutions for different sectors. Additionally,
their flexible production facilities across multiple locations and a global
distribution network enable them to effectively serve diverse industry
segments. ATP Gruppe’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and
client satisfaction positions them as a reliable and strategic partner in
the adhesive systems industry.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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