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How Can Your Business Use Modern Tech To Do More For Its Customers?

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Whether working in the automobile industry or any other sector, happy clients are integral to success. Therefore, any opportunity to do more of them should be deemed a priority not least because they are more demanding than ever before. When looking to improve your venture with an added focus on the customer, modern tech is your greatest ally.


While modern tech can support your business in many ways, here are some of the best solutions that fit a client-centric approach.


Delivering Better Customer Support


Great products are the heartbeat of any great business. However, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of the customer experience. Most clients will happily pay more when they receive a better service. Even those who won’t will be far more likely to choose (and stay loyal to) a company that gets this right. Your customer care game will play a key role.


In today’s climate, clients want quick solutions to their problems. Dedicated live chat for website solutions is the perfect choice. Whether talking to bots or human agents, clients won’t care if they can gain quick answers. Tutorials, FAQs, and forums are also very useful additions. If nothing else, it satisfies their desire for a self-service solution.


As well as having agents on hand to answer their questions, the right eCommerce platforms can integrate returns processes. This way, even a bad experience can turn into a good one.


Providing Smoother Order Fulfillment


The need for speed isn’t limited to quick answers to client questions. More importantly, customers want to receive their products in the quickest time possible. If selling cars as a dealership, for example, this could mean a few weeks. In this case, providing automated updates and allowing customers to check the progress of their order will help.


When dealing with smaller items, though, people often expect to have their products within 48 hours. Even when handling B2B sales and large cargo, you need to get products out quickly. Freight forwarding solutions allow you to do this efficiently. For B2C, working with a courier or using fleet management tools that can be tracked by clients is an ideal choice.


It is also important to implement automated stock control. Aside from streamlining the process of getting orders out, it prevents the threat of people ordering out-of-stock goods.


Offering Personalized Marketing Solutions

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Every entrepreneur across all sectors should be able to appreciate the importance of marketing. Even if you sell the best products, it is necessary to build awareness of the brand and excitement for the products. Most clients don’t just want the best item, though. Instead, they crave a product that solves their paint points and feels matched to their needs.


Personalized marketing has become easier than ever thanks to modern tech. For starters, you can use different campaigns for individual target audiences. Using an existing customer’s past purchases to suggest further options should bring positive outcomes too. Even small ideas like including their name can make a difference. 


You will still use SEO, influencer marketing, and other tools to build awareness. Nonetheless, /the personalized elements will take campaigns to the next level. You will see more sales.


Showing Greater Responsibility 


To succeed in modern business, you need to understand the client’s mindset. As well as receiving quality products, they have a desire to choose brands that they trust. If you have ever looked at the stats surrounding cyberattacks, you’ll understand why data protection should be a priority. Just one breach is enough to turn prospective customers away.


As well as showing your responsibility in this way, you must consider that clients want brands they relate to. Protecting the environment has become a priority for many. Introducing advanced tech that helps you manage a greener operation can make a big impact. From solar energy to eco-friendly packaging, you will notice a change. It impresses employees too. 


Showing responsibility by supporting causes and using your voice to spark change in business or society also helps. You can do this with or without modern tech.


Letting Customers See Products Digitally 


When making a big purchase or buying a non-essential luxury item, people want value for money. If they are unable to complete the purchase with confidence, there is a strong possibility that they will abandon it. When buying physical products online, the inability to touch the products can cause an obstacle. Augmented reality provides the next best thing.


With the right software, clients can try out products in a digital space from their smartphone or laptop. This could mean seeing how a custom number plate or car modification will look on their vehicle. Or it could manifest as trying on clothes or sunglasses via the eCommerce platform after uploading a photo of themselves. The possibilities are almost endless. 


The technology itself establishes a professional vibe that stands out from the crowd. Once customs are in the mindset of imagining themselves with a product, a sale is likely.


Opening The Door To Flexible Payments 

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Modern clients deserve to have a convenient experience with your company, the transaction itself is a telling part of the process. Nothing is worse than losing a sale at this final stage of the sales funnel. Sadly, though, it is a possibility if you do not accept multiple payments. Debit and credit cards are essential while PayPal and ApplePay are advised.


Depending on the nature of the business and its target audience, crypto is another option to consider. Crucially, though, you should try to accept repayment plans. This will open the door to a larger audience. However, it’s vital to use credit checks to confirm that customers are capable of meeting the repayment terms. Otherwise, you could lose out on bad debts.


In addition to accepting multiple payment plans, you will want to offer convenient payments. The option for customers to store their payment details for one-click payments achieves this.


Reducing The Costs


It’s important to remember that cheap doesn’t always mean value for money. Still, most customers will see affordability as one of the key criteria when weighing up their options. Any opportunity for your business to reduce its costs and subsequently pass some of the savings onto the client will have a positive impact. Integrating modern tech helps in many aspects.


For starters, tech solutions can help you with prototyping and testing. So, you’ll save a lot of money in the R&D processes. Meanwhile, 3D printing and automated manufacturing can significantly reduce your costs. You can then make your prices more competitive to stay 

ahead of other companies. This is while still giving your profit margins a noteworthy boost.


Of course, working with greater efficiency and accuracy means fewer defects. Therefore, you won’t need your prices to cover those losses. Customers will enjoy their savings. 


Educating Clients To Get More From Your Products


Above all else, customers want to gain the maximum function or enjoyment from the product. As a business, then, you cannot afford to end your commitment to the client at the point of sale. The ability to offer aftercare, which goes beyond general customer support, can make all the difference. Once again, modern tech allows you to do this in style.


Your website and social media channels are the perfect outlets to add tutorials, explainer videos, and more. The content will educate customers on how to get more out of the product or troubleshoot issues. It will translate to increased customer satisfaction. Furthermore, new leads may come across this content, which can often get a new sale over the line.


Meanwhile, if the products utilize software in any shape or form, releasing patches and updates is ideal. It prolongs the lifespan of a product, thus giving them more value from it.


Arranging Maintenance


Educating clients so that they can help themselves is one thing. For the best results, though, you should also look to manage some of the aftercare elements from your end. It is a very useful concept in all industries but can be particularly vital for the automobile sector. After all, annual servicing and speedy repairs are essential for safety and performance alike.


Your business could send automated notifications when the time for an annual service arrives. Or you could fit tools that track a vehicle’s performance on each journey. When the data suggests that a part may have become faulty, it allows the client to take control of the situation. Whether that means calling you or taking another route is up to them.


Similar ideas can be implemented into many business types and products. If it makes maintenance more convenient and delivers savings in the long haul, clients will love it.


The Final Word


Technology doesn’t have to dominate every single thing you do in business. However, to ignore its capabilities would be crazy. Modern consumers expect most companies to deliver products and services that have been powered by tech in multiple areas. 


Whether you need to introduce new tech solutions or simply upgrade your current approach, now is the time to do it. In turn, you will gain happier clients, which will lead to increased profits. Perfect.