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DOMO’s TECHNYL® PURE Redefines Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling, Paving the Way for Unprecedented Performance and Durability

In a groundbreaking development, DOMO Chemicals has unveiled TECHNYL® PURE, a game-changing innovation set to redefine the performance of hydrogen fuel cell cooling circuits. Long regarded as suboptimal for these applications due to concerns about ion migration and increased coolant conductivity, polyamides (PA) have been given a new lease on life with DOMO’s latest breakthrough.


As a global leader in engineered materials and sustainable solutions, DOMO Chemicals has conducted comprehensive testing to showcase the remarkable capabilities of TECHNYL® polyamides. Contrary to historical assumptions, TECHNYL® effectively addresses ion migration issues, resulting in a significant reduction in coolant conductivity within hydrogen fuel cell stacks. This breakthrough positions TECHNYL® as the premier choice for those seeking to enhance fuel cell stack performance and durability.


Maarten Veevaete, Director Application Center at DOMO, explains the unexpected findings, stating, “Our research reveals the ‘polyamide paradox.’ TECHNYL® grades have a positive impact on the fuel cell cooling circuit. Their chemical interaction with the coolant reduces conductivity, significantly extending system longevity and leading to a five to sixfold increase in the lifetime of ion filters. This effectively reduces maintenance requirements and associated costs.”

At the forefront of this innovation is TECHNYL® PURE, a top-tier formulation designed to minimize ion leaching. This cutting-edge material consistently maintains lower coolant conductivity from the outset, outperforming traditional solutions. It brings efficiency and durability to hydrogen fuel cell cooling loops, offering a compelling alternative for those seeking optimal performance and longevity.


The TECHNYL® range for fuel cell cooling circuits is designed to cater to specific customer requirements, providing a variety of grades, including PA6 and PA66-based alternatives alongside the flagship TECHNYL® PURE. The versatility of these options ensures that users can find the optimal solution for enhancing their hydrogen fuel cell cooling loop’s performance and longevity.


The impact of TECHNYL® PURE is not just theoretical; it is backed by data derived from internal research conducted by DOMO, available upon request. Calculations based on a commercial vehicle lifetime of 500,000 km, with a filter change every 90,000 km at a battery operating temperature of around 80°C, reveal the tangible benefits of this innovation.


In conclusion, DOMO’s TECHNYL® PURE is set to revolutionize hydrogen fuel cell cooling, challenging preconceived notions about the suitability of polyamides in these applications. As industries seek sustainable and efficient solutions, TECHNYL® emerges as a frontrunner, promising enhanced performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness for hydrogen fuel cell systems.

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Sun. April 14th, 2024

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