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UK start-up reveals electrifying vision for EV charging

Fast-growing clean energy technology company, Lightstate, has unveiled a bold new vision for EV charging infrastructure in the UK. Conceived by award-winning British inventor and entrepreneur, Alex Hearn, Lightstate’s solar-powered, rapid EV charging energy hubs (the “Lightstations”) provide a solution to the challenges of vehicle electrification in the UK – a critical step toward fighting climate change and achieving net zero.

Electric vehicles are currently charged through the national grid, but as their numbers increase, this will put enormous pressure on the country’s energy infrastructure. The uniquely designed Lightstations combine form and function, converting sunlight to electricity on-site through a futuristic solar structure, so that EV’s can charge quickly even where grid connection is restricted.

A big believer in the power of aesthetics to inspire progress, Hearn hopes the Lightstations’ holistic industrial design and architectural presence will inspire a new direction for the UK energy sector –

one that combines sustainability, striking aesthetics and a seamless experience, tapping into a more emotional and aspirational vision of the future.

Hearn said: “By 2030 there will be millions of EV on British road, and we’ll need to have the electricity infrastructure in place to give drivers a great experience. This requires a massive transition from the traditional refuelling proposition.”

“But why can’t sustainable solutions also be visionary, exciting and beautiful?” he added. “Smart technologies are already transforming the way the country is run, but looking around, you wouldn’t be able to tell. We want to disrupt design norms for utility infrastructure, by combining beauty and functionality with our Lightstations.”

Oxford-educated Hearn has 23 years of experience championing entrepreneurship for a carbon and combustion-free future. He reiterates that, contrary to popular belief, the UK has an excellent climate for solar power, which presents a major opportunity for EV infrastructure in the UK. “Given solar panels work optimally in temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius, our small island is well positioned to benefit from this inventive approach to energy husbandry and charging.” he concluded.

Lightstate is using AI and machine learning to identify key infrastructure gaps for development, at optimal locations, with three initial sites confirmed for 2024 and more to follow. These upcoming Lightstation will mark the first step in its mission to transform the EV charging landscape. With a commitment to sustainability and in inventive approach to grid management, Lightstate aims to play a vital role in facilitating the transition to clean energy solutions.

About Lightstate:

Founded in 2022, Lightstate is an energy technology company based in London, UK, that is dedicated to creating the next generation of green infrastructure for clean mobility. Its mission is to design and scale the world’s most customer-centric energy hubs and continually raise the bar to accelerate clean mobility. It is passionate about building a world that is more bold and beautiful, inspiring the path to net zero and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Thu. May 30th, 2024

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