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The Getty Images and Motorsport Images Merger – Fueling Innovation in Visual Content for the Automotive Industry

In the dynamic landscape of visual content, the recent acquisition of Motorsport Images by Getty Images has sparked considerable interest and speculation within the automotive industry. In an exclusive interview with Steven Tee, Managing Director of Motorsport Images, we delve into the implications of this significant merger and its potential impact on the visual content landscape.


The acquisition was a strategic move, initiated by Motorsport Network’s decision to divest its motorsport media business, leading to Getty Images emerging as the ideal custodian for Motorsport Images. Steven Tee reflects on this transition, highlighting Getty Images’ position as the primary choice due to its established presence in the motorsport domain.


Motorsport Images boasts a rich legacy spanning back to 1895, encompassing a vast archive of over 29 million images and 8,900 hours of premium video footage. Tee emphasizes the historical wealth this brings to Getty Images, envisioning it as a substantial addition to their existing offerings.


The collaboration between Getty Images and Motorsport Images is poised to amplify the value proposition for both existing and potential customers. Tee points out the mutual benefits, such as enhanced access to F1 teams, circuits, and exclusive rights, which will augment Getty Images’ portfolio significantly.


Excited about the merger, Tee anticipates growth opportunities and innovations in the motorsport visual content space. He emphasizes the synergy between the two entities, emphasizing shared knowledge and economies of scale as driving forces for market expansion.


The integration of Motorsport Images’ content onto Getty Images’ platform is expected to be seamless, with plans to leverage Getty Images’ global reach and sophisticated delivery systems. Tee underscores the importance of maintaining a cohesive storytelling approach, leveraging the combined expertise of both entities.


Looking ahead, Tee envisions innovative strategies to differentiate and elevate Getty Images and Motorsport Images’ offerings. With access to advanced delivery systems and unparalleled global reach, coupled with decades of experience, the future promises groundbreaking developments in the competitive visual content market.

Automotive Industries interview questions for Steven Tee, Managing Director, Motorsport Images


Automotive Industries: Can you tell us more about the recent acquisition of Motorsport Images by Getty Images, and how it will impact the automotive industry’s visual content landscape?


Steven Tee: Our previous owner (Motorsport Network), having sold their motorsport media business, had no real need to keep and archive an assignment business based around motorsport so a process to sell started in January this year. Getty Images was our number one choice to be the custodians.


Automotive Industries: Motorsport Images has a rich history dating back to 1895, with an extensive archive of over 29 million images and 8,900 hours of premium video footage. How do you envision this historical wealth contributing to Getty Images’ offerings?


Steven Tee: Getty Images is already in the motorsport space with an archive and assignment business, with this acquisition bringing to them a significant wealth of new knowledge, client base and specialist photographers as well as an archive of 30 million images going back 129 years.


Automotive Industries: Given Getty Images’ already impressive portfolio and clientele, how do you see the addition of Motorsport Images enhancing the overall value proposition for both existing and potential customers?


Steven Tee: Getty Images services two F1 teams and one circuit promoter as well as the official F1 contract, LAT service five teams, seven circuits and exclusive access to Mercedes, Aston Martin and Haas garages, which will be a great enhancement to Getty Images’ official F1 contract. We are also big players in Formula E, working with four teams and the series and are the exclusive photography agency for the Extreme E championship.


Automotive Industries: As the Managing Director of Motorsport Images, what excites you most about joining forces with Getty Images, and what opportunities do you foresee for growth and innovation in the motorsport visual content space?


Steven Tee: It really cements us in the motorsport space, being together can only help both of us grow the market – shared knowledge playing a big part of this along with the bigger economies of scale.


Automotive Industries: Getty Images has established itself as a key player in the global visual content market, serving a diverse range of customers worldwide. How do you plan to leverage this extensive network to expand the reach and impact of Motorsport Images?


Steven Tee: Getty Images’ unique global reach is one area we could never hope to compete with, having this behind us will hugely benefit our commercial clients – providing more eyeballs on their brands and also increasing the reach of our archive globally to many more end-users.


Automotive Industries: Could you elaborate on the synergies between Getty Images’ existing motorsport coverage and the expertise brought in by Motorsport Images, particularly in terms of enhancing customer experiences and meeting evolving industry demands?


Steven Tee: LAT brings Getty Images a specialized market leading assignment business, bigger in the space than theirs. LAT get access to vastly more sophisticated photography delivery systems and as I previously mentioned their global reach.


Automotive Industries: In what ways do you anticipate the collaboration between Getty Images and Motorsport Images influencing the storytelling capabilities within the automotive and motorsport sectors?


Steven Tee: Having one voice and utilizing both our skillsets can only ramp up the story telling for both archive and assignment remits.


Automotive Industries: With the integration of Motorsport Images’ content onto Getty Images’ platform, how do you plan to ensure seamless access and navigation for both existing and new customers seeking automotive and motorsport visuals?


Steven Tee: Through 2024 not much will change, Getty Images will begin to utilise the LAT archive and we will begin to share live F1 images from the Miami GP onwards. In time, we will move onto the Getty Images systems whilst retaining our four key collections, LAT, Sutton, Schlegelmilch and Columbo as well as the LAT assignment brand.


Automotive Industries: Looking ahead, what innovative strategies do you have in mind to further differentiate and elevate the offerings provided by Getty Images and Motorsport Images in the competitive visual content market?


Steven Tee: As I have previously mentioned, having access to Getty Images’ super sophisticated picture delivery will be game changing, along with their unparalleled global reach. Our collections will enhance Getty Images’ customer experience as will our acute knowledge of 60 years servicing clients in the motorsport assignment space.

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Thu. June 13th, 2024

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