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Cars Worth Noting: 2005 Honda Odyssey

2005 Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey still tops of the list of family movers in my opinion, but this 5- door Touring was like a supreme pizza, it came with everything on it, topping out at $35,010 including destination charges.

The Odyssey had more buttons and switches on the IP than a 757 jetliner. The key pad to the left of the wheel alone had buttons for both automatic doors, the sunroof, side mirrors and a few that I didn’t press because I wasn’t sure what they did.

While my opinion counts, I felt it necessary to turn the keys over to a professional soccer mom for a real evaluation. My wife Anna has logged more than seven years and countless screaming miles behind the wheel of a minivan.

She does agree with me that the Honda is the best handling and sportiest minivan (if you can say that minivans are sporty), though she wasn’t too keen on the truck-like seating position.

She would probably order her Odyssey without the back-up camera as she found the screen display more of a nuisance than a help. And the power sliding doors would go as well. Both Anna and her friend said they were like a guessing game. You were never sure if they would open when you pulled on them or if the key fob was in the right mode to do the trick. On at least two occasions, someone opened the door by hand and the driver, unaware, hit the fob, closing the door on somebody. Honda does get kudos from this heightchallenged mom, for the pull-down handle on the inside of the lift gate. And the Odyssey’s conservative styling is just what the soccer mom ordered. Funky and sexy is for sports cars, not minivans.

The split-folding third-row seat is a nice touch, but there isn’t much use for lazy susan floor storage units and removable consoles. This is a minivan. Just load ’em up and move ’em out.

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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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