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Hydrogen as transportation fuel will shape the rest of the century

General Motors chief engineer: hydrogen as transportation fuel will shape the rest of the century
Dr. Mohsen Shabana, an Egyptian-born scientist who is one of General Motors’ chief engineers, presented the company’s vision regarding hydrogen powered vehicles today at the GM sponsored Middle East Forum on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Economy.

‘This conference, first of its kind in the Middle East, is an excellent initiative to promote discussion of the potential of hydrogen as a viable fuel choice for coming generations,’ said Dr. Shabana. ‘General Motors’ sponsorship and participation in this event reflects its long term strategy and commitment to research, development and technology.’

‘The next century will be shaped by how effectively and smoothly the world introduces hydrogen as a transportation fuel – we must introduce a renewable energy source in order for world economies to grow, for the growing middle class in emerging markets to have increased wealth, and for people who have dreamed all their lives of owning a vehicle to finally realize that dream,’ he added.

Dr. Shabana showcased the GM Sequel vehicle at the conference, which embodies GM’s vision of reinventing the automobile with a fusion of technologies that includes advanced materials, electronic controls, computer software and advanced propulsion.

Shabana explained: ‘GM’s goal is to design and validate a fuel cell propulsion system by 2010 that is competitive with current internal combustion systems on durability and performance, and that ultimately can be built at scale affordably.’

One of the key highlights is that the Sequel’s performance is achieved with technology available today and does not depend upon some science yet to be invented.

‘We’ve achieved remarkable gains in range and acceleration by using our fuel cell system technology that exists today,’ Shabana said. ‘That’s a real breakthrough. For anyone tracking the viability of fuel cell vehicles, this is encouraging news.’

The Sequel is a major exclamation point for GM’s comprehensive global advanced technology strategy that is addressing efficiency and emissions, from today’s engine and transmission technology to hybrids and, eventually, fuel cells as the ultimate answer.

The conference was at the Dubai Police Academy on December 6 and 7 and brings together a truly global group of company representatives, government officials, and academics to exchange ideas and information on the advancements of Fuel Cell technology and the impact of emerging hydrogen economy on the Middle East.

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Tue. February 27th, 2024

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