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Bekaert Introduces Quantum Mega Performance Films with Substantial Car Interior Heat Reduction

Bekaert introduces its newest development in advanced window films. Quantum Mega Performance is a pioneering clearer window film for autos that substantially reduces heat without darkening windows or interfering with radio signals. The new Quantum Mega Performance Films are now available in Asia. Worldwide availability is expected in 2006.

Christophe Fremont, General Manager of Bekaert Specialised Film, stated: “Our Quantum Mega Performance Films reduce up to 50 percent of total solar energy coming through the vehicle’s windows, yet they are virtually invisible on glass. This ensures significant heat reduction, without a dark or reflective finish, like traditional automotive films. Unlike earlier films that incorporated metal particles to reflect damaging rays, the new Quantum films have no metal particles. These advanced films maintain radio frequency signals and do not interfere with car tuner reception or GPS.”

The new film rejects almost 100 percent of dangerous ultraviolet light which has been proven to be a significant factor in developing certain forms of skin cancer. In addition, the new films help to significantly reduce premature fading and disintegration of the car’s interior. Quantum Mega Performance films also offer scratch-resistant coating, no-dye composition optical clarity, and allow for normal cleaning.

Bekaert developed the Quantum Mega Performance products in their state-of- the-art technology centers in the U.S. and Belgium. The films come with a lifetime color-stable guarantee.

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Thu. July 18th, 2024

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