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Design for Anti-Squeak and Anti-Rattle in the Passenger Interior of Automobiles

Advanced Pressure-Sensitive Material for Sound Damping in Automobile Manufacturing

FLEXcon introduces their FLEXmark Flock Nylon product designed for interior anti-squeak and anti-rattle tapes for sound control in the passenger compartment of automobiles. FLEXmark Flock Nylon 3500 Black V-791 200 Poly H-9 (3.9 – 4.1) can be die cut by fabricators into specific shapes and affixed by manufacturers between two plastic parts/components to silence friction-based squeaks and rattles. The material is ‘converting friendly’. It has been tested by an independent A2LA laboratory and meets the following automotive specifications: GM 6420M Type 1A, Daimler-Chrysler MS-JZ8-22 Table 1 Section 5B, and Ford ESB-M6G17A Parts 3.12.1 and 3.12.3.

FLEXmark Flock Nylon is a 35.0 mil flexible flocked nylon material, coated with a 4.0 mil (.004) thick high-performance acrylic adhesive and backed with a 2.0 mil (.002) clear polyester release liner. The film is a rug-like layer of tiny filaments adhered to a cotton base. These filaments compress, expand, or shift to fill in space between the plastic layers as temperatures change. The acrylic adhesive is designed to adhere to a variety of plastic surfaces including low-surface energy plastics such as HDPE, LDPE, and polypropylene, and maintains its high-shear properties in both cold and hot temperature
extremes. The 2.0 mil clear polyester release liner is dimensionally stable, provides good adhesive wet out, and a superb base for roll-to-roll converting and rotary die cutting – an important alternative to paper liners that can wrinkle and complicate converting during the rotary die cutting process.

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Sat. July 20th, 2024

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