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New York State Senator Commends Torvec on Solution to Oil Crisis

Torvec, Inc. announced that New York State Senator Joseph Robach (Greece), during a recent visit to Torvec’s facility, highly commended the company and its efforts to boost fuel efficiency by stating he was “excited about Torvec and its products and will be working to make sure New York State gets behind this truly revolutionary technology.”

For the complete text of his comments, please visit the “Current News” section of Torvec’s website,

With oil prices reaching $75.00 a barrel with no signs of leveling off, Torvec asserts it has now perfected its Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) to combat the oil crisis. With two-thirds of U.S. driving taking place under 50 miles-per-hour, Torvec has focused its efforts in saving fuel primarily at lower speeds where fuel use is greatest.

The most recent preliminary testing of its IVT in a Tahoe equipped with a 5.3 Liter V8 gasoline engine resulted in a 45 percent gain in fuel mileage over the Tahoe’s conventional automatic transmission in “steady state” operation at 15 miles-per hour. A 26 percent gain in fuel mileage in “steady state” operation was achieved at 30 miles-per-hour. At 50 miles-per-hour, a 5 percent gain in fuel mileage in “steady state” operation was achieved. Final EPA testing on Torvec’s state-of-the-art Mustang dynamometer is underway, and results will be announced shortly.

Torvec has also perfected an Iso-Torque differential to improve driving safety for all vehicles, especially the driving safety of city and suburban school buses. Senator Robach personally rode in the company’s 350Z Nissan equipped with the Iso-Torque differential, experiencing first hand the improved control and handling of the vehicle in comparison with vehicles with conventional differentials.

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Torvec, Inc., based in Rochester, New York, develops advanced automotive technologies that increase transportation safety, mobility, fuel efficiency and reduce soot emissions. Torvec owns the technologies for an Infinitely Variable Transmission that reduces diesel soot emissions, a Fast Tracked Vehicle (FTV((TM))) that goes where no 4×4 can, novel designs of hydraulic pumps and constant velocity joints, and Ice Technology to increase tire traction on ice and de-ice windshields. Torvec’s founders invented the famous Torsen((R)) differential used in high-performance vehicles. To learn more about Torvec’s many technologies and view a video of its FTV((TM)), visit