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Torvec Aligns With New York State Senator to Continue Quest for Fuel Savings

Torvec has hosted a meeting with Senator Joseph Robach to explore a plan of action to dramatically reduce fuel costs for 55,000 school buses in New York State. The plan will help reduce particulate pollution associated with their operation, enhance school bus safety, and create jobs-all saving taxpayers in excess of $400,000,000 over the life of the project

Torvec has published full details of the proposal presented at the May 5 meeting on its corporate website,

Senator Robach had previously met with Torvec executives and pledged to work towards obtaining state support so that Torvecs revolutionary infinitely variable transmission and Iso-Torque differentials could benefit all of the people of New York, especially New Yorks State financially-pressed school districts.

In attendance at the meeting at Torvecs testing facilities were Senator Robach, his chief of staff, Kirk Morris, Jack Kinnicutt (Director, Finger Lakes Regional Office of the Empire State Development Corporation), Kevin Hurley (Economic Development Program Administrator for the Finger Lakes Regional Office of the New York State Department of Economic Development), Judy Seil (Economic Development Manager for the Monroe County Department of Planning and Development), James Senall (Managing Director, Business Development for the Greater Rochester Enterprise) and Mark Peterson (Managing Director, Investor Relations for the Greater Rochester Enterprise).

James Gleasman, Torvecs chief executive officer stated: -The driving force for the meeting is the critical need for government and private industry working together to find a dramatic, long term fix to the oil crisis now. It is becoming more and more obvious that our nation has a fuel crisis, that solutions such as major ethanol production, affordable, practical fuel-cells, cost-effective electric hybrids and the like are years away and, what is worse, may not solve the problem in the long run and that Torvec’s transmission has the potential to solve the crisis at significantly less cost than any other known – solution,

Torvec, Inc., based in Rochester, New York, develops advanced automotive technologies that increase transportation safety, mobility, fuel efficiency and reduce soot emissions. Torvec owns the technologies for an Infinitely Variable Transmission that reduces diesel soot emissions, a Fast Tracked Vehicle (FTV (TM)) that goes where no 4×4 can, novel designs of hydraulic pumps and constant velocity joints, and Ice Technology to increase tire traction on ice and de-ice windshields. Torvecs founders invented the famous Torsen differential used in high-performance vehicles. To learn more about Torvecs many technologies and view a video of its FTV, visit

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Wed. May 22nd, 2024

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