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First All-Plastic Pallet Pool With Built-in RFID Tracking

Real-Time Tracking of up to 60,000,000 Pallets Annually

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems operator of the world’s first RFID-tagged all- plastic pallet pool, today announced that it has selected Ryder System, Inc. a global leader in supply chain, warehousing and transportation management solutions, as its supply chain logistics partner.

“At iGPS, we partner with best-of-breed providers, and Ryder’s world class infrastructure, sophisticated carrier management information system and knowledge of logistics and transportation solutions will drive improvements and transportation efficiencies throughout the supply chain while ensuring quality customer service,” said Bob Moore, Chief Executive Officer of iGPS. “Solidifying this long-term relationship ensures that our logistics operations are handled by experts who are committed to providing our customers with the timely and efficient delivery of pallets to meet their supply chain needs. This class of capability did not exist just a few years ago.”

Under the contract, Ryder will provide distribution and RFID (radio frequency identification) tracking for as many as 60,000,000 pallets annually to iGPS customers throughout North America. Ryder will develop and manage a Web-enabled transportation and procurement solution based on iGPS’ business parameters to optimize the inbound and outbound network of transportation carriers supporting the Company’s North American operations. Additionally, Ryder will provide on-site management, procurement of transportation, routing instructions, compliance management and freight bill audit and payment.

“The industrial sector has been asking for a more cost-effective pallet option for tracking and shipping,” said Vicki O’Meara, President of Ryder U.S. Supply Chain Solutions. “Ryder is thrilled to have this opportunity to work with industry veterans Bob Moore and Rex Lowe to help lead this innovative shift from wood to plastic throughout the global supply chain. We are confident that our experience with logistics and RFID technology will add value to the iGPS operations and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Bob and his team.”

iGPS is spearheading a paradigm shift in the pallet-rental business from wood and other materials to uniform plastic pallets with RFID tracking capabilities. Powerful advantages exist for virtually all industries, such as beverage, consumer electronics, grocery/consumer packaged goods, home improvement/do-it-yourself, pharmaceutical, produce/meat and raw ingredients. The advantages of iGPS pallets include their greater durability; consistent size, shape and quality; lighter weight; superior hygiene and traceability.

Additionally, the shift from wood to plastic pallets is environmentally responsible. iGPS plastic pallets are 100 percent recyclable and, because they are 30 percent lighter than pallets made of wood, could remove several billion pounds of non-value freight from the shipping and supply chain infrastructure, resulting in huge potential fuel savings.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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