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Delphi’s New Electrical Grounding System Simplifies Assembly, Cuts Production Costs

Simple, flexible, foolproof and highly affordable. Delphi Corporation’s new electrical grounding system reduces the need for several grounding assemblies to one. The new system is on display at the 2006 Electronica show in Munich.

In a single step, multiple wiring harnesses are attached to one centrally located grounding base with virtually no limit on the number of terminals that can be attached. A unique ring terminal design provides for the installation of terminals that are stacked onto the grounding bolt and automatically lock into place, preventing rotation and ensuring the integrity of the pre-assembled harnesses while optimizing the electrical and mechanical interfaces.

Unlike most grounding systems, which are limited by the number of parts that can be pre-assembled, Delphi’s new electrical grounding system and the number of terminals that may be attached is limited only by the length of the grounding bolt. One to five terminals can be assembled on a standard bolt, but the length of the grounding bolt can vary based on OEM specifications, the electrical harness design and the number of terminals to be attached.

Delphi’s system also has the added flexibility to be pre-assembled at the wiring harness plant or on the vehicle assembly line.

The infallible manual assembly process requires no tools and has no defined assembly sequence. There is one ring design and one base design so all parts are identical except in the crimp area, which provides for one of four different crimp sizes: 1.0-2.0mm, 2.0-4.0mm, 4.0-6.0mm or 6.0-10.0mm. This uniform design provides for highly efficient parts production using high-speed stamping processes, which significantly improves manufacturing costs.

Delphi’s new grounding system is designed for automotive and commercial vehicle interiors as well as for machinery and industrial applications. It has been available since June 2006.

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