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Development of Advanced Propulsion Systems

Rotoblock is pleased to announce it has won an extension to own and market the Oscillating Piston Engine; a unique and highly advanced internal engine that will give automobiles, airplanes, boats and many other mobile and stationery applications much more power. Rotoblock has spent the last several months negotiating terms to the patent rights and has now signed a 37 month extension agreement which gives Rotoblock extended exclusive rights on the powerful technology.

According to Rotoblock President, Matthias Heinze, “We are thrilled for what it means to the health of our company. Now that we are no longer on hold waiting for this extention, we will immediately exploit new markets such as China and India where we know our technology is in high demand. Every indication shows that the Oscillating Piston Engine should surpass performance of current combustion engines on several levels. It is expected to become very popular in the automotive, aviation and marine markets.”

The extended patent rights entitles the estate of designer Monti Ferrell a royalty of $50.00 U.S. (Fifty U.S. dollars) per engine on the sale of up to 10,000 Oscillating Piston Engines. Beginning with the 10,001st engine and up to the 100,000 engines manufactured successfully the estate is entitled to a royalty of $2.00 U.S. (Two U.S. dollars) per engine for engines manufactured thereafter beginning with the 100,001st engine. This royalty will only be paid for Oscillating Piston Engines based on U.S. patent 5.222.463 and/or patent 5.323.737 and sold worldwide by Rotoblock Corp. and its licensees. Payment will be made annually commencing on January 1st, 2008.

Rotoblock is focused on the development of advanced propulsion system technologies including the continued development and improvement of the Oscillating Piston Engine to the state where its mechanical, ecological and economic viability leads to the profitable licensing of the manufacturer’s rights to a proprietary patented design or a partnership for its manufacture. The company was incorporated in Nevada, is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, and has its operating labs in Vancouver, Canada. The Company has full rights to the patents of the original Oscillating Piston Engine and believes the Rotoblock Oscillating Piston Engine has particular and useful applications in developing countries such as China and India and will be including these areas in the marketing and commercialization phase of this engine

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