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Hella Supplies Exterior, Interior Lighting for Citroen MPV

Hella, a global tier-one supplier of automotive lighting and electronic equipment, is providing exterior and interior lighting systems for the seven-passenger 2007-model Citroen C4 Picasso multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), sold in Europe.

The Citroen C4 Picasso has Hella’s dynamic-bend headlights and taillights with light emitting diode (LED) technology. The vehicle’s ambient interior lighting technology offers improved interior comfort and optimum external visibility.

The Citroen’s front headlights feature a swiveling bi-xenon module. Nearly doubling the area illuminated by low-beam headlights when entering a turn, Hella’s dynamic-bend lighting system allows the driver to see potential obstacles ahead in order to take appropriate action. Hella’s technology works with both low-beam and high-beam functions.

Hella uses a combination of rear-lamp light guides and LEDs for the C4 Picasso’s taillights. Sail-shaped, the taillamps have three vertically arranged LED segments, each with four diodes, that are connected by four parallel 3D plastic light guides.

For the MPV’s cockpit, Hella supplied the ambient lighting for the vehicles door panels and above the sun visors. The evenly-distributed ambient light allows drivers’ eyes to better adapt to night-driving conditions.

“The Citroen C4 Picasso project allows us to showcase a number of our advanced lighting technologies that will delight consumers,” said Dr. Raymund Heinen, president of Hella Lighting North America.

The C4 Picasso also uses Hella’s capacitive (i.e. touchless) control technology for the glove compartment. Using an optical sensor that picks up infrared reflections generated by special LEDs, Hella’s capacitive controls automatically switch on the glove compartment’s light when an individual reaches in.

Hella, a global supplier, develops and manufactures components and systems for lighting and electronics for the automotive industry, including advanced driver-assistance systems enhancing safety and comfort. In addition, its joint-venture companies produce complete vehicle modules, air-conditioning systems and vehicle-electric systems. Hella is also one of the world’s largest companies selling automotive aftermarket parts and accessories, with its own sales companies and partners in more than 100 countries.. Annual consolidated sales for the Hella Group total $4.4 billion.

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Tue. April 16th, 2024

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