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Designers to Create Wrap-around Vehicle Designs

Solutia’s New Saflex(R) Interlayer Solutions Showcased at Design Los Angeles Enable Designers to Create Wrap-around Vehicle Designs

Saflex(R) PVB Interlayers make it possible for designers to utilize vehicle glass as an element of design and performance

— Saflex Q series acoustic interlayer
— Saflex interlayer for head-up-display (HUD) with acoustic performance
— Saflex interlayer designed for solar performance

Saflex is much more than just an aesthetic enhancement. It’s a brand of hard-working PVB interlayers that, when sandwiched between two pieces of glass, creates a laminated glass product that brings multiple properties to the vehicle’s glass including color, acoustic benefits, and solar benefits. Designers who use Saflex interlayers can wrap their designs around the total vehicle by incorporating the windows as part of the overall vehicle design.

“We are pleased to add these three new Saflex products to our stable of advanced interlayers for glass,” said Rich Daniels, director of innovation and growth for Solutia’s Saflex business. “They provide automotive designers with new tools to incorporate laminated glass into vehicle design while meeting OEM requirements.”

Saflex Q series advanced acoustic interlayer has three layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB): one of specialized acoustic PVB sandwiched between two layers of traditional PVB, which is then used as the interlayer in laminated glass. It provides significant noise reduction and helps makes the vehicle more comfortable. A J.D. Powers and Associates 2002 Vehicle Acoustics Study shows that consumers equate quiet with quality. A quieter passenger cabin with Saflex tri-layer acoustic interlayer used in the windows will promote a competitive advantage to any automaker.

Saflex provides an improved head up display (HUD) option with its unique and proprietary Saflex acoustic interlayer HUD solution. This unique product provides a crystal-clear image on the vehicle’s windscreen that eliminates distracting image “ghosting” while also providing noise reduction benefits. It offers the highest quality projected image while mitigating road noise.

Automotive glass roofs made of Saflex’s solar color interlayer combine aesthetics and UV protection. Designers can choose colors to compliment or accent the vehicle’s overall design. And, passengers have important UV protection of 50 SPF and heat reduction while still enjoying natural light as it shines through.

The Dodge HEMI(R) Nitro Concept, on display at Solutia’s Design L.A. booth, utilizes Saflex’s color interlayer solution: bright purple window glass that brings out deeper tones in the Nitro’s pearlized paint. “Windows are a signature feature of the Nitro that set it apart and differentiate it from its production brethren,” said Ralph Gilles, Vice President, Jeep/Truck, Specialty Vehicle and Color/Trim Studios – Chrysler Group. “It has a performance truck theme and the HEMI and the stand-out purple glass makes it more extreme and exciting.”

“The innovative properties of Saflex interlayer solutions bring value to the interlayer for OEMs and design flexibility that enables automotive designers to incorporate the vehicle’s glass as part of the overall vehicle design,” said Jay Pyper, North American market development director for Saflex.

In today’s automotive market, where design is a distinguishing factor that entices consumers to take that second look at a vehicle, OEMs and designers now have Saflex interlayer solutions as a valuable tool to spark that interest.

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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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