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Chrysler Group Awards Contract to Metaldyne to Supply Eco-Friendly Exhaust Manifolds

Metaldyne announced today it has been awarded a multi-year contract from Chrysler Group to supply environmentally – friendly exhaust manifolds for future vehicle platforms.

Metaldyne will supply fabricated exhaust manifolds that will help reduce emissions allowing Chrysler Group to meet PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) requirements for states that follow California’s emission standards. The unique single-wall design is comprised of a very large chamber that allows the exhaust gases to mix faster, and increase the operating temperature of the catalytic converter sooner. The manifold also includes a secondary air system that injects ambient air back into the cylinder head during cold start conditions. The ability to mix the exhaust gases at a higher rate and the use of the air injection system reduces emissions when a driver starts his or her vehicle.

“Environmental issues play an important role at Metaldyne,” said Tom Chambers, Metaldyne president and chief operating officer. “We are excited to partner with Chrysler Group to develop products to help them meet their goal of lowering emissions, while continuing to provide improved performance.”

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Sat. May 25th, 2024

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