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President of Mexico Felipe Calderon was joined by the Governor of the State of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto and the Mayor of Toluca Juan Sanchez today to celebrate the grand opening of Chrysler LLC Park. Chrysler Park is a joint project between the Company and its suppliers and part of a $1 billion (U.S.) investment announced last year.

This new supplier park is expected to provide Toluca Assembly Plant with one of North America’s most modern automotive supplier logistic operations.

The park is located next to Chrysler’s Toluca Complex where the Chrysler PT Cruiser is currently built and Dodge Journey production will begin early next year. Eight suppliers are currently part of the park. These suppliers will not only generate 1,600 new jobs, but also bring new technology to the operations of the adjacent Chrysler Toluca Assembly Plant.

Chrysler Park suppliers include TRW, Magna Intier, IPO, Seglo, HBPO, Android, Brose and Gestamp, which hosted the ceremony.

“Chrysler Park helps make Toluca a highly competitive assembly operation,” said Oscar Albin, Purchasing and Suppliers Quality Director of Chrysler Mexico. “This operation’s total annual purchasing scope is more than $300 million, giving us tremendous opportunity.”

Chrysler Park suppliers are building complete component modules that are delivered just in time (JIT) to the Chrysler Toluca Assembly Plant. In fact, Chrysler Park suppliers are taking just in time one step further – to “just in sequence.” Just in sequence delivers the modules directly to the assembly line; not only on time, but in sequence.

“We’re very proud to be opening this new Chrysler Supplier Park because we believe its design, construction and advanced technology will be recognized as an international vanguard logistics model,” added Albin.

The President of Mexico was welcomed by Chrysler Mexico President and Managing Director Joseph ChamaSrour and Vice President – Manufacturing Roberto Gutierrez. The group toured the park where they were given demonstrations of some of the new technologies being utilized.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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