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The Sturman Environmental Digital Engine: Department of Defense Contract Signed

 The Sturman Environmental Digital Engine, under development privately by Sturman Industries for several years, gained a new partner with the United States Department of Defense. The official go-ahead and contract between the two agencies is now finalized and work has begun. The program demonstration targets critically needed energy solutions for the nation and planet.

Increasing fuel prices, decline in supply, dependence on imported oil, and global warming has resulted in an appropriate national discussion on strategies to address these issues. This Sturman-DOD contract affirms a fitting concentration on research and demonstration projects that will hasten the development of advanced engine technologies to enable vastly expanded alternative fuel use and improve engine efficiency and performance. By partnering with Sturman Industries, the U.S. Military can reap these combined benefits and equip U.S. troops with engines for vehicles and power generation. This project will result in a competitive advantage for the U.S. Military and benefit the country through the support of needed technology advancement.

The program will demonstrate and generate data on the benefit of the advanced Sturman Digital Hydraulic controls and their integration into a practical system designed to help answer our energy needs. Data will be gathered on the new Sturman leading edge “all liquid fuels” Digital Hydraulic Fuel Injector, Hydraulic Valve Actuation, Air and Hydraulic Hybrids, and the use of the unique new Sturman Combustion Cycle. A singe-cylinder version of the Sturman Environmental Digital Engine has been running at Sturman Industries over the last year, and a new two cylinder integrated system is entering the testing phase.
More precise, flexible and intelligent combustion management can be realized with the miniaturized, smart and high power density hydraulic digital valves and electronic software controls designed by the Sturman team. Designed to offer widespread potential benefits and usage for the US military, the trucking and automobile industry, off-road applications and power generation, the Digital Engine offers a combination of benefits not available elsewhere.

· The Digital Engine is designed to operate with conventional as well as alternative fuels on demand including varieties such as JP8, Biodiesel, ethanol, gasoline, diesel, and high percentage alternative and less refined fuels. For this program a variety of conventional and alternative liquid fuels will be utilized.
· Reduced fuel consumption through significant improvements in engine efficiency.
· Substantial increase in torque and horsepower.
· Real-time switching between engine cycles for optimized performance in the field.
· A reduction in emissions – both regulated and unregulated.
· Designed for new and retrofit applications for military, commercial and private sector fleets.
· Practical dual energy storage air and hydraulic hybrid design.
· Lower cost integrated system design.

Amory Lovins, internationally acclaimed efficiency expert of the Rocky Mountain Institute recently noted that the Sturman Digital Engine is “the most advanced engine technology in the world that I know of, and has many other potential applications.”

Sturman has a long history of product innovation and excellence. Sturman designed engine controls are in hundreds of thousands of U.S. vehicles, and their innovative technology and company accomplishments have been recognized by the United States Space Foundation Hall of Fame, the California Air Resources Board, and the Society of Automotive Engineers for technical and industry leadership. Sturman enjoys an expanding international customer base, having programs with OEM’s, research institutes, and government laboratories around the world. From advanced components to integrated systems, the organization is creating a unique combination of high performance, lower cost internal combustion engine management products to meet critical national and global demands.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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