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Durr Ecoclean Now Offers Cleaning Systems for Industrial Parts up to 300 kg

New Weight Category for Robotic Cleaning

Dürr Ecoclean is now implementing its renowned EcoCFlex cleaning system for heavy duty cases. The new design extends Ecoclean’s flexible robotic technology for precision cleaning to accommodate industrial parts weighing up to 300 kg. A clever innovation has enabled the implementation of proven cleaning technology to this new application area: motors or cylinder blocks delivered by a conveyor belt are reoriented 90° via a tilting station. This reorientation modifies the torque and leverage so the robot can flexibly handle weights of up to 300 kg. The new technology offers special advantages for manufacturers and suppliers of commercial vehicles that work with large scale components on a daily basis. Production processes and cleaning performance can be improved with the EcoCFlex robot technology.

Using the new design, Dürr Ecoclean extends the advantages and flexibility of the EcoCFlex system, a cleaning solution originally designed for lighter components. It was first introduced in February 2007 and has already been sold to more than 20 automobile manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Customers in both the bus and truck sector needed a heavier duty solution. The flexibility and capacity of the new machine also fulfils the special demands for low cycle times found in the commercial vehicle sector.

Robots are ideally suited to the cleaning of different industrial parts, especially those with complex geometric shapes. In contrast to transfer installations where the industrial parts lie on a transport system and are indexed from one treatment station to the next, the industrial parts in a robotic cleaning system are manipulated for optimal cleaning according to their geometry. The realignment of the machine for varying industrial parts is only one of the cleaning process adjustments which can be made with little effort. By modifying its program, the EcoCFlex robot is able to accommodate various industrial part types. The robot’s movements are timed to achieve the best possible cleaning results. This flexibility to accommodate many parts is vital when taking into account the scale and complexity of truck motors.

Technologically the system combines proven cleaning processes, most of which take place in the central multi-functional chamber. A spray system is installed for powerful injection flood washing (power IFW), targeted rinsing and optional high-pressure deburring. Additional equipment for further cleaning processes can be installed at any time. Depending on cleaning requirements, it is possible to mount additional treatment processes on the outside of the multifunctional chamber. General pre-drying of the industrial parts is accomplished by intense air drying. An optional vacuum drying system ensures 100% drying of all the parts.

The EcoCFlex machine can be incorporated in different sections of the production process. For industrial part cleaning preparation or for fine cleaning, customisation of the cleaning process can be achieved quickly and with little effort.

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Mon. February 26th, 2024

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