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SAE Based Test Protocol Confirms That Ethos FR Reduces Emissions and Increases Fuel Efficiency

Ethos Environmental, Inc., a San Diego-based company that manufactures fuel reformulators recently announced that an SAE J1321 Type II fuel consumption test of Ethos FR performed by FERIC, a private, non-profit research and development organization and a division of FP Innovations, has verified that Ethos FR increases fuel efficiency and significantly reduces emissions.

When compared to a control vehicle following the rigorous testing protocol, the results concluded that Ethos FR successfully improved fuel efficiency and reduced harmful diesel emissions, as measured in opacity. In fact, the Ethos FR treated engine reduced emissions by 29.1% when compared to the baseline test.

The test results verify that the Ethos FR treated engine reduced fuel consumption, though the length and duration of the test did not provide the Ethos FR product sufficient mileage to achieve maximum results. In actual field results conducted by freight carriers, fuel efficiency improved by 7% to 19%, on average, as documented by fleet drivers. These actual field test periods have included a more typical mix of travel for heavy duty trucks, including longer runs, partial and/or lighter roads, and a higher amount of engine idling time — all conditions where friction reduction has a direct relation to reducing fuel consumption.

As part of their Energotest 2008, a project which conducts controlled test-track studies of products for achieving higher fuel efficiency and lowering emissions in the transportation industry, FERIC tested Ethos FR. The testing protocol was based on the SAE J1321 Joint TMC/SAE Fuel Consumption Test Procedure – Type II. The vehicles used in the test were identical low-mileage 2006 Freightliner tractors, with Mercedes Benz 4000 engines. The tests were performed on a high speed test track, and the length of the test run was approximately 60 miles.

About Ethos FR

Ethos FR is a non-toxic, non-hazardous fuel reformulator that works in any internal combustion engine. Ethos FR contains two families of esters, a group of cleaning esters and a group of lubricating esters in a mineral oil base. It cleans and lubricates the internal parts of the engine without the use of petroleum-derived products commonly found in fuel additives. The main objective is to make fuels self-cleaning and self-lubricating without increasing toxic emissions. Moving parts function more smoothly with reduced heat and friction, requiring less maintenance. Horsepower returns closer to the manufacturer specifications. Ethos FR removes carbon deposits, one of the culprits that cause fuel to combust incompletely, resulting in wasted fuel that creates toxic emissions. The combination of cleaning and lubricating esters in Ethos FR stabilize the fuel without changing its specifications.

About Ethos Environmental, Inc.

Ethos Environmental, Inc. (OTCBB: ETEV), a San Diego-based corporation, is the manufacturer of award-winning fuel reformulating products that help industries meet environmental regulations and relieve skyrocketing fuel costs. By using Ethos FR(R), commercial vehicles can increase fuel mileage between 7 percent and 19 percent while reducing harmful emissions by more than 30 percent. For more information about Ethos Environmental, Inc., visit

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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